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educate me on rabies, please

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 29, 2008
  • 00:04 AM

alright, heres whats been going on and its driving my already bad anxiety up the wall.

on sept. 1st my friend and i were at my house hanging out, my dad calls me over to see a healthy looking raccoon walking in our yard. (we live far back into the woods, to give you an example we have 5-6 deer that come out during the day) so my dad is feeding him steak and the poor raccoon is grabbing it and scarfing it down as fast as he could. so later on i come out and he came down from the tree he was up in and i had a banana in my hand. so i went and knelt down and called him over to eat the banana. he comes over and my friend and i are right in front of him, so i guess he got nervous and quickly grabbed the banana. when he did so he accidently, (not attacked) scratched my pinkie finger open and cut me pretty good. i ran inside and washed it with soap and water for awhile then alcohol. and peroxide later on with hydrocortizone creme. it has been 6 months. since then after looking on google, i started to freak out. ive been to two doctors and they think that i am fine. i let it go for awhile and didnt think about it. well two days ago my anxiety kicked back in and i started having a sore neck in class. (i tend to sleep weird and fall asleep in class, jerking my head down and back) so i started to worry again. i just wanted to see if you all think that this is all in my head from how long it has been. i also have muscle twitches but these have been going on when i focus on it pretty good over the last few months. not recently. also my pinkie finger is sensitive and tingles sometimes but this has gone on since october so once again it is not a new found thing. i have been known to worry myself sick over the craziest things and i stay pretty stressed on school and now this.

it was only a scratch on my pinkie, yes it drew blood but it has been 6 months since the situation happened. the raccoon looked healthy, no foaming or spasms. he could climb a tree faster than a squirrel too.

my dad and i just thought that he was lost in the woods and kept coming back because we would feed him alot of food.

so leave any detailed things for me. i think that this is all in my head but its always the what if factor. (thats what drives me crazy!)

thanks alot

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