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Dry skin, Dry Mouth, Not sweating properly

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2010
  • 08:34 AM

Hi guys,

So ive been dealing with some health issues for a while now that havent been diagnosed properly.. basically I went through huge amounts of stress and i think it wacked out my adrenals/hormones .. I also developed prostate inflammation.

Anyway, ive had some new symptoms the past couple weeks that have me really worried.

Basically a few weeks ago I went through 2 weeks of intense stress again and I had an allergic reaction after eating a sandwich, i had rashes on my knees, elbows and neck. It was just reddening and a hot sensation. It lasted for about 30 minutes then went away. I believe I had the same reaction a few weeks earlier but no one was around to notice it.

Around that time my mouth got bone dry for a few days, and I was drinking plenty of water but it didnt get better.. then after a few days it improved slighlty.. but has not improved anymore since. Ive also noticed that I am not sweating normally anymore.. When I exercise (intensely) or get anxious I dont sweat like I normally would.. at most my skin gets dewey and thats after a lot of exercise. I also feel somewhat weak and have had some muscle twitching around my body. Ive also seemed to lose a few pounds, and im already too skinny so thats not good.

I went to the doctor and had a bunch of blood tests done.. im still waiting on some results but so far all the big ones have come back normal and apparently my electrolytes are normal?

- Dry Mouth
- Dry Skin
- Not sweating
- Change in body odor
- Stools seem dry and break apart easily in toilet

Ive been drinking plenty of fluids and even putting salt in my water, food to make sure i have electrolytes but its been weeks now and it hasnt gone away. Im pretty worried. My body isnt able to regulate its temperature normally and I fear I could overheat quite easily.

This all seemed to happen very quickly, it wasnt a gradual progression, its like suddenly I got bone dry all over.. my sweat glands and salivary glands dont seem to be working properly.

I feel like im dehydrated but like I said im drinking plenty of fluid. Also when I pinch my skin it bounces back normally which indicates decent hydration.

Whats goin on with me? I also got checked for diabetes.. dont have that..

My ideas;

Some hormonal problem (aldosterone maybe?) - connected with stress/adrenal issues

or some kind of weird allergic reaction that damaged my moisture producing glands?

I was also spraying magnesium oil all over my body for a few weeks around the time this developed but I stopped that when the dryness started and still having this dryness weeks later.

Please help me!

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