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Drug Fever & Going Cold Turkey From A Medicine Used For A Long Time

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 1, 2007
  • 05:19 PM

I could use some help. I found out this weekend I have had an adverse reaction to some medicine I was taking; the Dr says it is Drug Fever. A reaction to the low dose Elavil than I have taken for maybe 20 years because of chronic pain.

Now I am going through withdrawl symptoms because I have stopped cold turkey; that broke the fever I had for a long time surprisingly quickly (about a day and 1/2 I sweated even more than usual and the fever just broke).

I thought the dr was nuts to suggest that the meds I took for so many years was causing many health problems (especially a fever). Who knew such a tiny pill could be so powerful to wreck so much havock in a body?

I am now also battling colitis or ulcer of some sort. I was given antibio at first for the fever that I should have avoided. I had problems with Cefzil and keflex before and was given another cephlosporin before the dr finally diagnosed the Drug Fever.

I need info on Drug Fever and the searching the net for more info is slow. I would like to find a support forum for somebody going off Elavil or at least other prescription drugs; but don't want to be mixed in with others who purposely abused prescription drugs or worse those who abuse street drugs for stupid reasons like getting high. I only found one thread, but it isn't very active. Lots of folks going throught many of the things I am going through though and have went through with this drug there. This is the link to the thread: http://mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/elavil.pl?read=422

This is very tough to stop cold turkey, and I keep reading it is dangerous. But my heart is being affected by what is going on, and stopping the fever made a huge difference in how I feel. The fever I thought was worse than any withdrawal symptoms could possibly be; so I thought I just want the stuff hurting me out of me and not to take more in as gradualy weaning would do.

I tried many times to get off the Elavil (Amitriptiline) and each time things eventually got worse again. Over the years the dose increased, but the past year became a vicious cycle as the med would work for awhile then stop so I increased the dose. This medicine side effects seem to have affected me in so many ways since at least the past 1-2 years.

I am now going from 6omgs Elavil to 0mgs at bedtime; cold turkey because I fear taking more of that medicine now. This mmorning I have been off Elavil since Thursday's bedtime. (at around the 72 hr mark this am). Lots of withdrawl symptoms to deal with, but I am dealing with them the best I can.

I just found this website so I am not ready to sign on because of my concerns for privacy; maybe later I will. The site is already helpful and is helping me deal with some pain at least and learn more about things I can do to help myself get my life back as much as possible. I have had so many health problems in my adult life since I first got seriously ill with an infection.The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is hope that things can get better.

Right now I wished I never took this medicine. It really helped for years; but eventually the dose increased and the side effects mounted in a sneaky way. Now I am left feeling hurt by the medicine that once helped me so much to deal with pain.

Anybody else going through this kind of a situation?

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