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  • Posted By: northwestmom
  • December 8, 2008
  • 09:49 PM

I have felt super fatigued for a number of years, but my doc always seems to brush me off. Had a naturopath who put me on thyroid meds (armour and cytomel) for a few years and felt better than I have felt in my entire life. Unfortunately, he is no longer around.

Lately I have felt so tired (as if I have 1 foot in the grave only someone forgot to tell my body to lie down) that I can barely function. I am completely unable to lose weight (5 weeks following South Beach *very* strictly resulted in a whopping 1/2# total loss). I am cold all the time (my "normal" body temp is 97.8°) ~ sometimes I feel numb I am so cold. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I can't fall back to sleep for sometimes hours so I take an OTC sleeping pill *every* night. Joint pain in my left elbow (sometimes it is painful to lift a full cup of coffee). Brittle hair. Tender abdomen on my right side (low). 40 years old but have only had maybe 6 periods in that past 3 years. Feel "foggy" and forget stupid things I shouldn't be forgetting. If/when I exercise, the aches and pains do not go away (exercised for 3 weeks straight and felt worse by the day, like I'd been hit by a Mack truck).

I have been to see my regular doc plus 2 endocrinologists (thinking thyroid). Labs always come back "normal" and I have been told that it is all in my head OR it is because I have small children at home (um, they are 8 and 11... not exactly small or helpless).

Just saw a new doc (a P.A., actually) about 2 weeks ago. Spoke to him Friday. He said labs are normal (big surprise) and he thinks I am in perimenopause. Pelvic ultrasound shows right ovary slightly larger than left, but still within "normal" limits. He is concerned because labs showed a "slightly elevated liver enzyme" level. I did not ask how elevated. He thinks my issues are sleep related and wants me to do a sleep study (according to my husband I don't snore). He also wants me to see a liver specialist or gastroenterologist. The last PA I saw prior to him (she quit before I had my follow-up) did labs shows I tested positive for EBV and parvovirus but even with this knowledge, he didn't do anything about that. His attitude is that I need to lose weight, that it is my weight probably causing the liver enzyme elevation (I am about 70# overweight). Scale is climbing. If I diet, I maintain my weight ~ very disheartening! I feel like I am stuck and I don't know who to talk to about this. I just wish I could find a good physician who can get to the bottom of things.

I don't know if this information helps... I am a casual drinker. Maybe 1-2 glasses of wine 2-3 times a week (often less than that). My grandmother, mom, her twin sister, and both uncles have ALL had issues with elevated liver enzymes that no one has been able to figure out. At one point, my uncle's doctor told him to go home and get his affairs in order and immediately go to the hospital. That was about 5 years ago, he is still living. I don't know if it is something that could be hereditary, but the family is frustrated because it has been our experience that the doctors look at you and treat you as if you are a closet alcoholic and are just not willing to admit it.

I WANT to lose weight... I cannot, though. I gained weight on NutriSystem. I maintained on Weight Watchers, Diet Center, and Slim Fast (and most recently South Beach). I need help.
:( Kris :confused:

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