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Doctors just keep changing BP meds...help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 6, 2008
  • 07:05 PM

I have extreme heat intolerance. Last winter I'm washing my are in my driveway and sweating profusely and the temp was 37 degrees! Now, at 90+ degrees i break out in a complete sweat in just seconds. My heart starts racing and my bp soars. If I walk, wash dishes or vacuum or any other light physical activity my heart rate soars to 130-160. My doctor says heart rates do go up with physical activity and I just need to exercise more. My bp also shoots up to 170+/105+. My doctor says if I feel ok then that may just be my normal bp and not to worry about it. My swollen, pitting ankles I have had for 2 years. I've been told no big deal. Went to ER last Feb with "starbursting" chest pain I had at home followed by continually increasing bp. It kept steadily rising for about 5 hours and then then sprayed something under my tongue and my bp dropped to 140s/90s. ER doctor told me to go to a cardiologist and get the chest pain investigated. I went to my doctor and told him "in tears" something is very wrong with my body because I do not feel normal. He ran some blood work and put me on a 24 hour heart monitor and ran a 24 hour urine test. SER rate was elevated, another level was elevated that suggested chryocytoma or some problem with the kidneys (per doctors nurse). Cat scan showed no kidney issues. Told ser rate no big deal. and the 24 hour heart monitor had a recording of 160/minute. They asked me over and over and called me several times to ask me if I was doing a strenuous work out. I told them repeatedly that all I did was walk to my mailbox and back at that time.

I keep changing doctors when my doctor treats me like all this is in my head. I am 46 years old and everyone tells me how young I look, but my husban admits I have really aged in the last 4 years and I do not look healthy like I did. (just telling you this so you know it's not in my head) I am 5'7.5" and weigh 188. Every time a doctor changes my bp meds I gain another 5 lbs. 4 years ago I weighed 165.

I fall down now in the heat because I feel so weak when my heart races and I'm sweating profusely. Now in the past month, I'm getting sharp pains like knives are stabbing me in my right kidney. It comes and goes. My bladder doesn't seem to be emptying and when I sit or stand I leak urine.

I loved to ride my mountain bike and hike and now I have no energy! My ankles are so swollen now. They pit over 1/2 inch and I will still have chest pain occassionally. I am so tired of explaining how I feel to doctors and they ask me if I could be depressed. I tell each of them I am a very happy person love life, my family, I volunteer, but my energy level makes me slow down so much. My mother was diagnosed at 40 and passed away at 41 from metastatic carcinoma, including breast cancer. I've had mammograms since age 27. I am really concerned over these health problems because I feel they are telling me something isn't right so I can fix it, but i'm really sick of going to doctors who just don't think I have any health issues except high bp. They keep increasing my lasix pill so now I'm taking 3 a day(but I try to just take two if I can) i hate taking any pills so I sure don't want more...just want to get better!

I greatly appreciate your comments, especially if you have had the same and found a diagnosis. Thank you!

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