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  • Posted By: tammikaye
  • July 28, 2008
  • 01:46 PM

My symptoms are difficult to explain, but I will attempt doing so. I have a constant type of motion sickness (when I dart my eyes or something moves in front of them) it also feels like a dizziness but without me loosing my balance. Just doing dishes or walking or even being stationary brings on this symptom (actually it is there constantly with different degrees of severity.) Sometimes I do get this quick surge of dizziness which occurs a few times monthly but only for a quick second or two. Inside my head things are really weird. I get headaches but they seem to be at just one spot at a time, not an “overall” headache. I can’t describe the feeling that is going on inside by brain but it seems to lurk between the outside lining of the brain and the inside lining of the cranium. I get this great sense of dread that goes along with it. I experience a tingling all around in my head (almost feels like a spider crawling across my skin, but it is going on between the outside lining of the brain and inside lining of the cranium.)
My eyes are doing unusual things as well which is not related to typical eye problems. The best way to describe my vision is when I look at horizontal lines or bars that are fairly close together, the lines seem to move. I can’t seem to get them to focus. I end up looking at things but not really focusing on them. When I read I usually get headaches and by the end of the day I am exhausted.
My left ear seems to be affected as well. I often feel discomfort in it and when I lay on my left side it causes even greater discomfort. I also seem to have a heightened sensitivity to noise. Sounds seem to press on my eardrum causing it to vibrate loudly in my ear. It seems to only affect the left ear.
The last symptom has to do with my mental clarity. I am 45 years old but sometimes I feel like I am loosing my grip. I find it difficult to concentrate although I am able to do it; it just takes a lot of focus. It feels at times like dementia. I can’t seem to take on the responsibilities of my job as well as I used to.
I eat a fairly decent diet, exercise, and have no unhealthy vices. I have been to doctors many times over the past three and a half years that these symptoms have been occurring but no one can tell me anything. These symptoms are pretty much occurring twenty-four hours a day, every day. Sometimes with less severity than at other times but pretty much always present.

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