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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 29, 2008
  • 10:21 PM


My Uncle (67 years old) was rushed to ER on Friday morning, Oct. 24th, because he was found sleeping on his bed, completely unresponsive and unable to talk. Doctors tested him for a stroke and for any bleeding or swelling in his brain, and all tests came back negative. They also tested him for meningitis, and that came back negative as well, however, doctors explained that meningitis tests can give a false negative reading sometimes, so although it came back negative, they did not rule it out, and put him on several antibiotics. They also performed a spinal tap that night, but again, that showed up as negative for anything. By that night, he started to become a little more responsive, but was still unable to talk and was in a state of confusion. He also had a very high fever (went up to 104 degrees), and doctors had to pack him with ice to try to keep it down. My uncle has been hooked up to machines to get hydrated and fed, and he is also connected to a catheter. The next day, he seemed a bit more responsive and tried to talk to us, but he would get very tired and frustrated when he couldn't speak (his words come out extremely slurred and is very hard to understand). Doctors performed a MRI on him, but gave him more sedatives than usual, because he wouldn't keep still, and because of that, he remained in a deep sleep for nearly 3 days. It seemed like he was trying so hard to wake up, but he just could not. Thankfully, he did get up eventually. While he was in the deep sleep, they kept him in ICU for a few days to monitor his fever as well. He was eventally able to maintain a normal fever on his own. The MRI came out with no signs of anything unusual, and another spinal tap was performed, which also showed no results as well. The doctors are completely stumped, and cannot find out the cause for his conditon.

I am so worried for my uncle, he doesn't look like his normal self and is so weak. This is the first time he's ever been hospitalized like this... he's gone to the doctor regularly to check up, and he has a special doctor for his hand tremors, which he has medication for. It is so frustrating that the doctors cannot find out what is causing him to be this way.

Can anyone please shed some light on what they think this could be??? I hate seeing him suffer like this. My cousins and I were thinking that perhaps telling the doctors to look into Botulism, but we aren't sure. We are all so lost. Today, they will be performing a CT scan on him, as well as another procedure, which was ordered by his neurologist, to insert "something" in his groin area to travel upward and shoot dye to check for abnormal activity in his brain. They will have to sedate him again, and after the last time, I'm so scared that he'll have a hard time waking up again.

Anyway, I'm so sorry for such a long post, but if anyone could please tell me if they have heard of any other such incident like this, I would be most appreciative!

Thank you so much,

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