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Docs Don't know Whats Going On. Can Someone Help???

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  • Posted By: morinac18
  • August 21, 2008
  • 07:49 PM

Hello Everyone,
I don't normally talk about my medical issues but my doctors don't know why the event I'm writing about happened to me. So one seizure and $3,000.00(after insurance) later here I am. I would appreciate if someone can give me new ideas as to what happened or what may have caused it.

The day in question I hadn't eaten breakfast and went to the gym. at the gym I lifted weights for about 30 minutes and did cardio for 30 minutes. I went home and showered then went to the Golden Corral for lunch. After eating desert (Cherry cobbler) I took a swig of sweet tea and that is when this whole situation started.


Chest pain: Felt like my heart did a back flip and the pain lasted roughly 3 seconds before I passed out.

Fainted: I was out for about 30 seconds before I began convulsing.

Seizure like convulsing: My muscles locked and I convulsed for about 30 seconds.

Unconscious: I remained unconscious for 4-5 minutes

Disrupted Vision: As I was coming back to, everything was spinning and it stayed that way for a good 2 minutes.

Urinary Incontinence: self explanatory. I did it while I was unconscious.

Vomiting: after I had passed out I threw up on my boyfriend (he says cherry cobbler looks like blood) and I also threw up after I regained consciousness.

Shock: after the event

I am 24 yrs old, 5'5" and 160 lbs (slightly overweight but in fairly good shape) I try to work out at least 5 days a week and I eat pretty healthy with the exception of chocolate and my cheat days. I've never been hospitalized before and the only pre-existing medical condition I've had is trochanteric bursitis in my left hip from running in the Marine Corps.

The MRI, EEG, CT Scan, and EKG all came back with in normal levels. my blood work was slight decreased potassium levels. The doctors just kind of gave up on what could have caused it. They say the "indigestion" (aka: chest pain) I had caused me to pass out, the lack of oxygen to my brain was cut off while I passed out and that caused a seizure. I was diagnosed with "possible seizure activity." four days of my life were spent in a place that costs $3,000.00/night and my independence has been stripped from me as well as self induced panic attack every time I feel a burp coming up. I've felt real pain before and the chest pain I experienced was only slightly more intense than severely uncomfortable. I'm angry and I'm not the type to accept bull poop answers like the one I was given. please excuse my french.

I have checked the internet for neurocardiogenic syncope, heart arrhythmia, air embolisms, pulmonary embolisms, epilepsy... Arrhythmia and/or Syncope seem to make sense. I am always open to suggestions. If anyone has any other idea as to what could have caused my symptoms I would greatly appreciate, beyond all words, your help. Thank you.

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