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Diagnosis needed – CFS/ME, IBS & PCOS many different symptoms

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  • Posted By: amandahartmann
  • November 5, 2009
  • 01:04 PM

I have been suffering with the following symptoms for that past 3 – 5 years. I have just within the past 4 months been diagnosed with CFS/ME, IBS and PCOS. I take omeprazole, colofac and a mix of codeine and tramadol for the pain. None of these meds make a huge difference to the pain or severity of the symptom.
I am unsure if i have been given the correct diagnosis, and many of my symptoms have been overlooked.
I really want to get me health back on track, i will be greatfull for any diagnostic help or advice you may be able to offer.
- Frequent aches and pains usually lasts for 2mins to 1 week or more
- Extremely painful, pain that usually comes in right hip – tramadol or codeine dose not help
- This pain can be mild – just achy and a bit sore to very sever where it is impossible to walk or even move when lying down.
- Can’t walk for more than 5 -6 minutes without being in excruciating pain in hip and back
- Week bladder – have to change underwear 4+ times a day
- Urgent need to go to toilet - stool
- Pain in tummy just before need to pass toilet - stool
- Quick change in movement from constipated to diarrhoea
- Pass stool at least 6 times a day anything up to 10+times
- Often pass mucus or small pellet leathery stools
- After going to toilet, hard to get clean. More just keeps coming out every time i wipe
- When i have a cut or sore i bleed lots – more than normal
- Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
- Difficulty sleeping no matter how tired i am
- Cold icy feeling in wrist and arm joints
- I pick up bugs and illness very quickly
- I always seem to be ill
- I suffered from tonsillitis nearly every month until i was 19 when they were taken out
- I get infections very easy
- After every operation i have had i have always ended back in hospital with infection
- Cuts and sore get infected and take a long time to heal
- Periods every 4 – 6 weeks, sometimes very light only last 3 days sometimes very heavy last 9 days
- Sometimes i forget the simplest thing like my partners name
- I can’t seem to control my weight, i eat a normal healthy diet, with the odd treat, but i am extremely overweight, and cant exercise because of the pain
- I was in pain before i gained the weight, so i know the excess weight is not the cause of the pain
- I get frequent painful headaches
- For 4 years i have had extremely bad heartburn. i get it at any time of day, and whatever i eat. I now take omeprazole, this helps a little bit.

Thanks you for reading , and if you need anymore information please email or contact me.

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