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Diabetic reaction???

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  • Posted By: slvrngld
  • September 1, 2008
  • 03:57 PM


Here’s what happened to me Friday morning.

I woke up and felt normal. Took a shower and left for work. I took a pill called Arthrotec for arthritis with a sip of water before leaving. I opened a new pack of cigarettes and had one while driving. Nothing unusual. I usually have another one just before I get there, so I lit up another one. After I took 2 drags, I noticed my lips started to tingle and my palms were getting itchy. I took another drag or two and realized something strange was going on, because now my eyes felt like they were starting to swell, and my face. I threw the cigarette out thinking something was in it.
It started like it happens when I have an allergic reaction to eating something with sesame seeds or oil, which I am allergic to, but only my palms were itchy and I usually break out with hives from head to toe. I wasn't getting any hives this morning. I hadn't eaten anything besides my arthritis pill and a cigarette. The day before, I had a donut about 12 pm, a sausage, egg & cheese on an English muffin about 3pm and a bowl of spaghetti about 10pm. By the time I got to work a few minutes later, my hands and feet were swollen to the point where I could not bend them and I was sweating real bad. I parked the car, got out and started dry heaving. I felt real nauseous, weak and light-headed. I didn't want to walk into work like that, so I walked over to the passenger side, reclined the seat back and laid back until it would go away. I kept one leg outside with the door open so someone would know I was in there.
I’m figuring about an hour to an hour and a half went by until one of the workers came out to check on me. I could tell him something was not right and what had happened, although I felt very groggy. He called an ambulance and got me a cold rag and water.
By the time the ambulance came, I was getting better. I explained what happened and told them I thought it was an allergic reaction but I hadn’t eaten or drank anything. They said they did not see any signs of allergy symptoms. My skin was red, but no hives. They checked my blood pressure, which was 120/80, but I told them I have high blood pressure and have not had any medication (I know-very bad), so it should be higher. Then they checked my blood sugar and it was 188. Fasting reading should not be over 120, so they told me I need to see a doctor for it. They brought me inside work (I don’t have insurance yet and did not want to go to the hospital) and someone came to get me. I have felt ok ever since. I had gestational diabetes 16 years ago and have not had it tested since.

I know it is stupid to not have gone to the hospital. I figured I am not going to go there for them to tell me that “my sugar is up and I need to go to see a regular doctor. That will be $500”. I don’t have insurance yet and there is a 90 day waiting period before I get some.
I am making sure to eat something first thing when I wake up. I don’t normally eat sweets, although I’ve been having about a donut a day at work. I usually have about a can of soda a day. That’s pretty much the extent of sugar I eat.

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