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Depression - Physical Symptoms?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 10, 2007
  • 11:41 PM

I won't bother you with the mundane details of my plight, regardless I've been getting treated for depression nearly 2 years now. It's interesting, the therapy is somewhat helpful, the medicine is also useful (as it's kept me from sleeping 24/7).

My only interest is this, do any of you know what might be an actual illness, neurologically or physically that would cause some of my symptoms. Right now I'm wondering if it's actually all depression because my physical health is somewhat odd as of late.

I've experienced these recently:

1. Feeling like I was forgetting who I am, similar to years ago when I forgot who I was entirely for like 5 minutes while driving.

2. Felt very light headed, not dizzy but kinda foggy.

3. Trembling... I didn't notice it after I began Zoloft because it stopped, but recently I've begun shaking a little, though I'm not certain if it's my imagination.. it certainly seems weird.

4. My breathing has seemed to become more difficult, I thought it was allergies awhile back but allergy medicine did nothing. It's as if I dont' get enough air to feel like I had a deep breath, weird huh?

Anyway those are some things... maybe I'm imagining it, who knows... but can depression cause all this? I'm especially interested in the memory thing, I mean it's odd.

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  • Chemistry, energy and emotions are all linked, for sure. On the depression - go to www.mercola.com and search for the EFT manual. Print it out and try it. I have had professionals use it on me, I use it on myself and my kids and on others with generally good to great results. Can't get a good breath ? Find a Doctor of Chiropractic that knows how th adjust ribs. Have seen that a lot with patients and lots of times a good adjustment helps that a lot. Allergy meds only work well about 25% of the time. Find a health pro that does NAET for really dealing w allergies. On the depression and possible allergies - drugs only hide symptoms, they do not deal with the causes. The EFT and NAET do deal with the causes.
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  • SSRI (like Zolof) can cause a number of symptoms; you might want to discuss it with your doctor or psychologist/psychaitrist to see if you're having a bad reaction to it, and need to switch to another (Paxil, Prosac, etc). I do believe all of the symptoms you are reporting are possible side-effects of the SSRI family. DO NOT stop taking the medication however, as there can be potentially life-threatening side effects associated with abrupt halting. Definately discuss the overall issue with your doctors.
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  • Hello,This is my first time on this website as I am trying to find help in my own diagnosis but in reading your post it really struck home with me. I was diagnosed with panic disorder in 1991. I had symptoms much like yours. Diffuculty breathing, forgetting who I am and feeling like I was in a dream, especially while I was driving. Lightheadedness and trembling were also prevelant. After several trips to the ER over the years I finally found a doctor who told me about Panic Disorder. He prescribed an old antidepressant called Trazodone and it worked like a charm with no side effects except sleepiness. It's to be taken before bed. If you're being treated for depression it's possible that the antidepressant you are on is the culprit as many SSRI'S do cause anxiety. Anyway, good luck to you and I hope this info. is helpful to you.
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  • I have been having that exact same breathing problem and cognitive problems as well, I forget how to do things I've done for years and it's been driving me crazy! But I never considered Depression to be the culprit. Have you ever had a pressure in your chest, almost like it feels like someone's sitting on your chest? If you figure this out, please do let us (or just me) know!
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  • I have been having that exact same breathing problem and cognitive problems as well, I forget how to do things I've done for years and it's been driving me crazy! But I never considered Depression to be the culprit. Have you ever had a pressure in your chest, almost like it feels like someone's sitting on your chest? If you figure this out, please do let us (or just me) know!Are you all familiar with Sick Building Syndrome?http://www.newstarget.com/019199.htmlI was a basket case back in November- I spent 2 years thinking that every 2 weeks I had the flu. I had the "panic attacks" "anxiety" "tachycardia", the elephant on my chest, cold tremors, tooth pain, foggy thinking, depression, the whole enchilada.After not going to school for 3 months, today I visited my advisor for the first time, and after 20 minutes with her, the whole ***l broke loose. It is a very sick building!I am allergic to Formaldehyde, polyester, mercury, pestice- and my instructors and classmates are supossed to be healthy- but heck- they all have the same foggyness, slow understanding and acting, letargic, shoulder pain, root canals (on a 21 year old for the third time?) sometimes bitchy (when it gets more damp), etc. but in a lower degree.I was there for 20 minutes, but I was sick for 10 hours after walking out from there. All weird negative feelings came to me. Muscle pain, leg pain, foot pain, forehead swelling, etc.What do you all think?Btw, I used to be sick with the "flu" at home too- but it was the polyester, formaldehyde, and newsprint hidden allergy that was making me miserable. As soon as I put all allergens in storage got better.Maybe you are allergic to something or many things.Best.:Dnaet.com for allergy elimination.
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  • It might be combination of disorders. Check into narcolepsy or any other autoimmune disease. Stop eating a lot of carbohydrates to manage it in for now. Low carb for the short term is okay.I was diagnosed with depression, etc... just like you. They said my physical ailments were because of my depression and they treated it from that perspective. Even though I felt the depression was from the pain and fatigue - only to find out 10 or more years later, I had MS. Go figure. I am never depressed anymore, go figure that too LOLAnna
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  • autoimmune, organic neurological...check out www.ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx you have...all of yours are there...mommy cat
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  • trazadone-feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Thought it was my asthma, or anxiety.Just realized it happens right after I take my meds. newest TRAZADONE.....Doctors don't tell all side affects. Look at pharmacy info and heart issues was listed in side effects. Writing first time because it is about 2 am and scared.
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    • August 30, 2008
    • 06:05 AM
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  • thanks for grounding me. I am not alone. I hope I'm grounded otherwise i am having a spiritual experience.
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    • August 30, 2008
    • 06:41 AM
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  • Drugs and medications are usually addictive. You could try a depression treatment that is natural and nonaddictive.
    JohnS0N 2 Replies
    • September 9, 2008
    • 09:04 AM
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  • I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me.Here are the following symptoms. 1.Tired most of the time.2.Anti - social3.The inability to concentrate at various times of the day. When I stressed I can't remember the simplest thing or name of person.4.Brain does not feel sharp most of the time. and some times very foggy.5.Nervous talking in groups. Nervous having long conversations because I loose my train of thought. I am having a conversation and I totaly change the topic which I did not mean to do.6. I have to write everything down prior to a telephone conversation for my job because I lose my train of thought. Have trouble with focusing.7. Depressed about life. Lost my job a couple of years ago after a major hurricane and then wife divorced me. (No money no wife). went back to old job after they reopened 12 months later. company was never the same after storm. Left 9 months ago and started new carreer in real estate. it's been a struggle.8.Stopped dating because of the lack of confidence and don't want to spend the money.9. worried I will fail in real estate if I lack the the ability to be sharp and need good concentration. Something is wrong with me and I am unable to fix it! I live alone now and am becoming more and more anti social.
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    • September 11, 2008
    • 01:10 AM
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