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Deep migrating itching skin started small now all over body.

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  • November 12, 2018
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About five years ago it started with a small rash on the lower legs. Mycospor just made things worse. Finally got to a national health hospital's dermatologists. Just got smiles with a script for Beta-methazone in cream or Mylocort to mix into aqueous cream, plus Sunscreen SPF30, Liquid paraffin and Allergex. Once monthly. Condition got worse and one thing leading to another I discovered 5 cloves of garlic daily relieved the itch. Puffiness in the legs were relieved, actually really wiped off, by the garlic. At no stage the swelling in the legs were symmetrical. It is also most severe where the red rash shows accompanied by Pain. I tested this several times. Things got worse, added turmeric and 20% Tea Tree Oil as a rub daily which helped some, then added chillies thrice daily. These dried up the skin on my legs. The Betamethazone/Mylocort mix does help topically for the itch.

Before this I found flat plaques in isolated spots on my skin. Scratching them off left a small bleeding patch of skin. Also something like polyps or pin-form warts would appear. Then something else appeared. On the edge of the rash red spots would appear, treatment would help some but those were just fore-runners to the itch migrating. As things went my lower legs are now covered in a red rash and I dare not! scratch it! Very bad idea! It is now migrating to above my knees. At first there was itching in the base of my thumbs and back of my hands. With my remedies this is no more, but, my arms started itching. Together with this the itch and the rash started on my back as well. Now three in the morning and I could not sleep anymore. The itch in my legs are now very much less, but the body itch is now incurable.

April 2015 found me in hospital with a TIA on the right side! I am left handed if it means anything. I ascribe that still to a very bad over-use of table salt. This was for early morning cramps. I had tried everything from bananas to Cal-Mag before with no real result. November 2015 saw me getting a hip replacement. In ward for this, I asked a doctor for something and got a dirty look. I kid you not! The next day I started getting dessert jelly! one thing led to another and I am now on two heaped teaspoons of gelatin daily. Result? The arthritis is gone, the cramps, so the dry eyes, the eye floaters and I now have ear wax again. Oh yes! I do not have to glue the cracked skin of my fingers together with super glue in winter anymore. Bone broth works! It has loads more good stuff in it than just gelatin. The old people certainly new what they did with brawn, bone marrow in soup and all those off-cut bits at which today's kids pull up their noses.

April 2015 I was prescribed with Amlodipine 10mg, Pharmapress 20mg, Simvastatin ??mg which the day clinic stopped in August 2016. Ridaq/Furosemide and Disprin 100mg daily. These stopped in about March 2017 with medical consent. (Caused cramps again). In May 2016 I went for an inguinal hernia repair and the chief surgeon mentioned some renal dysfunction. On that, some pain in the left kidney and the Pharmapress insert I got to the Lennon site to discover that the Pharma is implicated in this. I stepped that down to 10mg daily with medical consent at the day clinic. Everyone knew about Pharmapress, but the Envas replacement is a drug out of ***l. Several of us suffered from an unstoppable cough deep in the throat. It stops only off the Envas. I am now on only Amlodipine 10mg, Pharmapress 10mg and Disprin 100mg daily.

My blood pressure has been stable at about Systolic 127-136, Diastolic 74-86 Pulse 64-78 since mid '16. I have a Rossmax blood pressure meter at home. Weight 92Kg, Height 1.78M. BMI 29 odd. Slight median obesity and I am now 72 in February 2019. The chillies and garlic are diuretics and I now have to add some rock salt daily to avoid some "soft" early morning cramps. Periodic blood test lately showed an issue with creatinine levels. I am going for a renal sonar on Thursday and will know more on Friday. All I get from doctors now are a precautionary attitude. I would just like to know more or less to what must I pay attention. And the itch of course. I now know how people can go insane from something like this. I drink tea and water and one! (1) cup of coffee daily to avoid craving it.

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