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Could this be a thyroid disorder?

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  • Posted By: p-suarez
  • July 14, 2007
  • 02:02 AM

My symptoms began suddenly about 9 months ago with malaise, low grade fever, increased heartbeat which came in episodes every 10 minutes. I felt worse when I ate. During the next two weeks I lost 5 kg (11 lb) and became extremely weak, I was bed bound for a couple of weeks and then slowly regained strength. I had extreme difficulty to concentrate and even watching tv was difficult, I had red eyes, nausea, irritable bowel, pain in the back of my neck, palpitations in my temples, felt cold all the time (despite the elevated temperature) and got tachycardia during sleep which kept interrupting my sleep. Then I got a dry cough which persisted for months, blood came out of my nose whenever I blew it (also for months along with the low grade fever, nausea and cold). Five months after the begging of the symptoms I got a TSH of 7 but my T4 was normal, by this time I had extreme tenderness in the front of my neck and difficulty swallowing, and realized my symptoms worsened with exposure to cold, exertion (even mental) and had chemical sensitivity. Now I have a slightly lower than normal temperature (I dress for winter even under the sun), keep having sensitivity to cold and exertion, and many times still feel nausea and dizziness when I go to sleep, I have interrupted sleep which makes it really hard for me to get out of bed at a normal hour. I wonder if I this could be viral induced subacute thyroditis; I visited an endocrinologist (among other specialists) and he said he didn’t think I had a thyroid disorder. I want to know if and when I can go back to exercising and working normal hours.

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  • Most likely not because the symptoms are both hyper and hyothyroid (increase and decreased thyroid). You need to have a some blood work done to see what type of infection you have
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  • a TSH of more than 5.5 is considered hyPOthyroid
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  • Right, my TSH was 4.1 not long after the result of 7 without any medication. I was told to take medication when the result of 7 came but it made me feel really uneasy and gave me tachicardia so I went back to the doctor and she told me to stop taking it (I only got to take one pill of low dose).
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  • It could be something like chronic fatigue syndrome, if it is...going back to exercising could make you much sicker. If your doctors cant work out your problem.. go and see a CFS specialist.
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  • You can try a different brand name of the thyroid medication. For some reason most Doctors once you start on thyroid meds dont want you to switch brand names. Try to see another endocrinologist and get another blood test done. You never mentioned having a t3 level done either. I know one type of hypothyroidism is considered autoimmune called "hashimotos" not sure as to the symptoms.
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  • tender neck..goiter?
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  • I never had a T3 done.I had a lot of pain in the back of my neck and ears in the beginning, then it moved to the front, sometimes I felt pain in my collarbone and my shoulders.
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