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cortisol insufficiancy?? adrenal dsyfunction??

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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • March 1, 2008
  • 03:35 AM

Seeing i know that CFS people (Ive got CFS) in studies have shown to have low morning cortisol levels, causing some of us to have more morning tiredness, (a symptom i used to have, worst tiredness in mornings, real hard to like wake up and I wouldnt come good till lunch time or just after).

So I asked my doctor to check my cortisol levels. He thou didnt listen to me properly and got me to do a 24 hr urine cortisol test (rather than just the morning one) so i wasnt expecting an abnormal reading, as I'd read that the 24 hr urine test..isnt enough to pick up the cortisol issue..being only morning which is affected so hence morning testing is usually done).

Anyway.. being a 24 hr test with all the urine from that period mixed up .. my 24 hr cortisol reading is only 46 nmol/L instead of in the normal range of 50-350 nmol/L! (so i wonder just how low mine is dropping at times.. no wonder im struggling to deal with any stress at all.. cortisol is meant to help the body cope with stress).

Im under a ton of stress (thinking i may just drop dead due to my abnormal completely wacked out BP stuff going on, im getting quite scared cause of my medical stuff.. had a near passout in bed the other night which woke me up and that is scaring me as i've never nearly passed out in my sleep before.. (on the occassions Ive actually passed out, Ive been able to put it down to something eg stayed in heat too long, stood for too long, did too much etc). Due to all the severe symptoms now, im feeling like Im going to be one of those rare people, who the chronic fatigue syndrome (or CFIDS) actually kills.

I also have almost depression right now. I feel like im in deep sh*t as my body systems seem to all be malfunctioning and doctors can only put it down to the CFS and my systems malfunctioning (ANS etc) cause of it..thou really have no idea why)..
One would kind of expect my cortisol to be going high at times (depressed people have higher cortisol)..cortisol is meant to increase in response to stress.. so im shocked it's so low.

What does this reading indicate?? (my doctor said thou my reading is abnormal, he dont understand at all what this means). Does it mean I have adrenal insufficiancy? and if so.. should this be treated????

Im a little concerned that it could be the start of Addison's disease now developing in me which ive read is slowly progressive... as i researched and saw that in the few signs of addisons, are low sodium and low glucose.
In the past ive had out of the normal ranges/abnormal tests.. come back both low in both those areas (only just out of the normal ranges thou, but the whole thing is seeming almost too coincidental)..

I havent been on the Marshels Protocol at all. (an experiemental treatment for CFS which many are now trying.. but Ive heard a few CFS people say it's lead them to getting Addison's disease).

Should this low abnormal cortisol be followed up? or thou being out of the normal range.. it's not low enough to really worry about?????

Im just really feeling confused about what to do right now. Ive spoken to a couple of other CFS people and they told me that their GPs just ended up dimissing their abnormal cortisol results..due to not knowing what it all meant.

Would the sympathetic nervous system dysfunction i have which is causing my BP to widely swing.. could that also be affecting my adrenals?????

Does anyone here know about any of this stuff?

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