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Concerned about my stepdaughter...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2008
  • 04:59 PM

My DH and I found out last summer that his 8yo daughter had passed out at school the year before. According to the doctors report, it mentioned no tests and only said that a hypoglycemic diet was discussed with the 'parents' (was actually discussed with the mom and stepfather).
Again yesterday my DH's daughter passed out for seemingly no reason. This time she was taken to the hospital rather than the families PCP (primary care physician), but again no reason was given and she was simply sent home.

For whatever reason my SD's mother keeps writing it off as having to do with the fact that she doesn't eat very well and insisted that she needs extra fiber between meals (that's where the above diet came from...somehow). I read up on this and it doesn't make sense as my SD was not diagnosed with Hypoglycemia and she in fact hasn't been given any reason as to why she is passing out. Also, we are unaware if these are the only instances of her passing out as her mother refuses to speak to their father (my DH) about anything concerning their daughter's.

Anyway... this seems really odd to me, especially when my DH's daughter's eat very well when they're with us and nothing like this has ever happened while they've been here. However I have noticed a few other little things, which I don't know if they mean anything, but might be worth mentioning...
First, my SD is only 8 and she has extremely dark circles under both her eyes which are there all the time. It makes her eyes look extremely sunken in, like she hasn't slept in days or something. This also seems weird b/c she doesn't seem overtired and seems to sleep well, but again I can only go off what we see here, which is only on an EOWE basis.
Second, my SD was a real picky eater for some reason, up until a couple of months ago. I know that their mom (who has 3 other kids besides my DH's 2) is the type that is willing to make everyone what they want for dinner, even if everyone wants something different, whereas at our home, everyone eats the same dinner or does without. There have been quite a few times that the children have been here that we ate something they have acknowledged as never having before, but they don't ever go without because of having to eat something different either.
Lastly is the fact that she is 8 and talks like she is about 4. She talks kind of through her nose in this whiny, baby talk almost. It would almost seem like her natural voice, but along with what she says, she sounds more like she is acting like a baby.

Anyone have any ideas? Does any of this sound familiar?

We have gotten both children's medical records and while they have raised numerous questions, we are unable to get any answers from the kids mom (she's just a real piece of work and I'll leave it at that) and the doctors office is as useless as tits on a bull!! Not to mention that the mom has the children so guarded over what they say, that they don't say much of anything about anything important, so if something were wrong with either one of them, we would be the last to know.

Anyhow... I am just really concerned as it seems to me that their mother's interest in their wellbeing starts and ends at how miserable she can make their father.

Any advice would be appreciated at this point b/c frankly, I haven't the slightest clue what else we can do!

Thanks in advance to those who do reply!!

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