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Completely perplexed by mystery illness

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  • Posted By: Aethumus
  • March 25, 2007
  • 08:58 AM

Okay, this is a long one, but I'm going to try to explain everything the best I can.

I'm eighteen years old, male, a smoker of one pack a day for a year, and the last four or five months have been horrible for me.

I grew up in a northern state. Aside from being overweight, I have never had a significant health problem. In September of last year, myself and some friends moved down to a Southern state. The circumstances surrounding the move, while I don't feel comfortable giving details, were very unnerving and possibly even traumatic. I experienced severe anxiety and fear for a prolonged period of time (but don't just go, "oh post traumatic stress disorder", hear me out please).

When we got down to this Southern state, we were very poor. We ate little and seldom, and I got very used to not eating much. By October 2006, I began to notice that something was just not right. I had been feeling very strange in my gastroentestinal tract for a while, and one particular night I woke up with a severe stomach ache (turns out it was probably gallbladder disease). I called in to work sick and in a few hours after drinking some Sprite I felt normal again.

My health continued to decline. I had a few more of these "stomach aches" in the next few months, but my main complaint was that I just was "not feeling normal inside". It's extremely hard to describe, but it's as though everything just below the chest is extremely sensitive. You know how you can focus on a part of your body and "feel" it? Well, my entire gastro tract is in that focused state, and is constantly sending signals. It's like I can feel it 24/7. Hypersensitivity.

Anyway, this strange discomfort/pain/sensitivity lasted a few months, and I took some time off of work. I ended up not returning because I still feel like I have a constant stomach virus mixed with hypersensitivity along the gastro tract.

A couple of weeks ago I had a gallstone attack and was in horrible pain, but it only lasted about an hour. A week ago my gallbladder was removed, after seeing several doctors about this mystery illness. I do feel better now, my intolerance to fatty foods is gone, but I'm still not at 100%. Before, when I was normal, I didn't notice my stomach, or my intestines. I got hungry, I ate, I was full. Now I don't even feel hunger. Just a "bleh" feeling that changes to a different kind of "bleh" feeling when I eat. Nothing has any impact on this strange hypersensitivity. Diet doesn't seem to matter, bathroom use doesn't seem to matter (although I have had about four BMs per day for weeks now), exercise amount doesn't seem to matter..I feel my stomach and my intestines all the time.

It's not like it's severely painful, it's not even uncomfortable some of the time. It's just...there. It's uncomfortable enough to basically put a halt to my life. I'm still very young so this has been a physical and emotional blow to me.

I have researched just about every gastro disease there is, and nothing quite fits me. I don't have the cramping and bloating associated with irritable bowel syndrome (at least not chronically), I don't have bleeding in the stool, I don't seem to have any real symptoms that you could tell a doctor, except I do sometimes have naseau and infrequently vomiting (the "stomach flu" type feeling I constantly have), but really this illness and how hard it is to describe just makes finding a diagnosis or a cure maddening.

I'm going to list a few more things I can think of that have been strange about me lately, maybe one is a sign:

My middle fingers have both grown about 1/8 inch, and strangely have turned upwards slightly and both of them point noticably towards their respective pinky finger, in a gentle curve. I just noticed this about two months ago. It's not painful at all.

After urination, I have a pressure kind of pain in the pelvic region (in the pubus). It starts soft and becomes moderate, then goes away completely.

Upper back pain that has lasted for quite some time. The pain between the shoulder blades went away when my gallbladder was taken out, but I still have pain just under my right shouldblade.

I can pop way more joins than I should be able to. I can pop my sternum using my pectoral muscles, and sometimes this provides a small amount of relieve for the mystery illness (no idea why). Doctors have just given me puzzled looks over this. I can pop my shouldblades individually and my middle back just by flexing. It feels like I'm "coming undone".

Maybe some of this is unrelated, but maybe it will help.

If anyone has any idea I would certainly appreciate a helpful hint. This condition has been with me for close to seven months now and clearly it was not all gallbladder disease. Something else is at work and I'd really like to start feeling normal again.

Many thanks :)

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