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Chronic Pelvic Pain

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  • Posted By: doudou
  • February 23, 2008
  • 11:07 PM

I am 38 years old, divorced with no children and did not do any surgeries in the past. About 6 years ago I started having severe sharp and disabling pain localized in my lower right pelvic area which radiates down my buttocks, and to the lower left pelvic area, sometimes also associated with pain in the front right thigh, and vaginal area. I made Transvaginal 4D Color Doppler Pelvic Sonography each year for the last three years, the last one (12/11/2007) showed:

1- 28 mm RT sided Subserous pedunculated Myoma (Fundal) – was 21 mm Y2005 (33 Months ago)
2- 9 mm Midline Interstitial Myoma (Low corporeal) – developed last year only

I also made a MRI Pelvis on 22/8/2006 which showed:

1- A suspicious posterior wall small fibroid, measuring 1.5 cm in diameter
2- Small left napothian cyst measuring 2.5 cm in diameter

I was given birth control pills for a year (Mid 2004 – Mid 2005) which worked well at that time and I did not experience any pains for few months after I stopped it.

I started to feel this pain again on the 4th or 5th (Last) day of the period (which made it unlikely to be ovulation pain), and sometimes it starts immediately after the period is over (6th or 7th day) and it lasts for longer duration of 4 to 5 days for more hours during each day and sometimes the whole day.

I went to many gynecologists who all have ensured that fibroids do not cause any pains, and that this cannot be the reason of my sufferings. Finally, the last gynecologist has diagnosed it as pelvic congestion, and I was prescribed birth control pills (Gynera) that I have taken for the last 4 months during which the pain did not stop but became more bearable.

I had this severe sharp pain again on the 4th day of my last period and co-incidentally I switched same day to Cyclo-progenova instead of Gynera as advised by my gynecologist. The pain stopped for a week after the period is over and then started on the 12th day of the cycle and remained sharp, severe, and disabling until today (14th day of the cycle).

I have read that occasionally the stem of a pedunculated fibroid may twist, blocking the blood vessels in the fibroid in much the same way a kink in a garden hose prevents water flow. This results in sharp, severe pain. In this circumstance, hospitalization and surgical removal of the growth will be required
I feel like I'm running out of options and that nobody will figure out why I'm vulnerable to that terrible pain at any the time. I am not even sure of the real reason behind it; Fibroids, or Pelvic Congestion. And in whether cases, what do you suggest that I do to get rid of this pain.

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