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Chronic Nasal Pain/Dryness/Headaches

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  • Posted By: Paulppaul
  • January 21, 2009
  • 01:19 AM

Please help...
I've been suffering from numbness and pain in my head and nasal pasageways. I get inflammation in my chest and head often. I often get it when I eat certain types of food but potassium supplements help. Where there is inflammation at the top of my head there is a protusion in my skull. There have been times where I feel fluid just drain down my body from that protusion. Then I get feverish and weak. My nose and nasal passageways ache and feel dry all the time and I never feel like I'm getting fresh air. When I massage the center cartiledge of my nose from the inside I feel relieved. I've tried all kinds of nasal sprays which help a little but the side effects bring me down too much. I have bad neck porture and I feel better when my neck is worked on. I have stiff muscles with pain in my neck and upper back. I feel dead all the time because I can hardly smell anything. It feels like the cartiledge in my nose and nasal passages are just dry and achy all the time. I get a little temporary relief from watering it down but then I feel sick right after. I am not symetrical. I look through my right eye more than my left and my eyes are of different contrast. I feel like I get some thick mucus stuck in the back top of my throat. I believe the pain started a while back either when I had a bloody nose and stopped it with a technique where you pinch the ridge bone of the nose instead of the bottom part. Now I get pain on the ridge and have had pressure and inflammation there since then. In the last couple years even though my nasal passage way feels real dry I didn't get bloody noses. But now that I am taking potassium I just got a bloody nose today. It may affect my pain but again potassium seems to help me. The left side of my body from head to toe feels a little numb and weaker than the right. I have a scar tissue in my nose on the left side where I believe the pain orginated from in the first place. It is on the left side of the tip. It feels stiff in the left nostril when I try to expand it. The numbness of the left side seems to come from this point and spread up the left eyebrow, through the top left of my head where the protrusion is, down the left side of my head, down the left side of my torso. The left side of my body feels kinda like it's feeled with fluid, mainly around the bottome left rib. Potassium seems to help rid of this feeling below the rib.

Doctors have said that I have reactive hypoglycemia, liver irritation. I've had my thyroid tested and a metabolic panel, everything was fine. I had a hair analysis done and they said that my calcium was high and everything else was low. I think I feel better when I limit salt and take more potassium which makes me think I have some kind of electrolyte imbalance.

So my main issues are, nasal ridge/passageway achiness and protrusion in skull with fluid content and pressure. Constantly. But I have a variety of issues stemming from those it seems.

Any help is greatly greatly appreciated. I want my life back. I feel out of it. This has been going on for over 3 years and I have lost jobs and friends because of it.

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