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chest pains, confused doctors

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  • Posted By: naunakhte
  • July 5, 2008
  • 05:27 PM

help... this is getting on my nerves... :confused: i have left doctors confused.

severe chest pains, sharp and localized below ribs... heart area. i get them when i am relaxing or walking or sleeping or driving or laying down. it doesnt matter, NO stress that brings them on.

deep breaths make them hurt more... but shallow breaths are too difficult to take during these attacks. twisting or moving doesnt affect the pain.

sometimes once or twice a day every day for weeks... sometimes not for a few weeks.

putting pressure on the spot... relieves the pain a little

the doctor said there are no noticeable heart murmurs or odd sounds... but that my heart beats normally... but suddenly beats rapidly... and repeats this process for no reason. when i am laying down relaxed and breathing normally.

he said my blood pressure is normal. i went there yesterday to check all this

i had iron dificiency when i was a kid, but i donate blood.. and i havent been dificient in years.

I am 21... i have had this problem since i was 15 (it started the day my parents separated, that was very stressful... the first time it was a panic attack... but after that it was not brought on by stress)

they last normally only 30 seconds or so, rarely extending beyond a few minutes. i had an attack about 20 minutes ago and felt my pulse (no the attack does not make me feel my heart) but i felt my pulse curiously... it was slightly faster... and the 2nd beat that is normally fainter than the first... was quite prominent during the attack.

note that i moved to guatemala when i was 18 years old... it is higher in altitude here and humidity... i have gotten the attacks slightly more frequently here. dont know if there's a connection.

medically i only take birth control... have since i was 18, but this started at 15.

mom told me that she had chest pains at my age. she said her heart wasnt doing anything weird though. my grandma also started these same symptoms (save for the odd heart rate) a few months ago. maybe something genetic.

grandad had mvp... my brother was born with a heart murmur. i get dehydrated easily when i am ill and am suseptible to strep and bronchitis... that's all the background that could help.

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