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Chemo related neuropthy?

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  • Posted By: nobleanna007
  • September 1, 2008
  • 11:29 PM

I am wondering if any of you can give me advice on this. I think I have been misdiagnoised. They are saying I have chemo induced neuropthy but I do not have the classic symptoms. I don't have problems with my hands and usually with this you have a reaction to hot and cold which I don't. I do have the tingling nerve prickiling but I also have extreme pain from my back, hips legs yes my feet do feel numb. My neurologist was not convinced at first. I passed all reflex tests and the electric stimulator test the one I failed was the muscle one where they stick needles in and test you I id feel the ones in my feet but nothing up my legs. Everything I have read on neuropthy does not fit me. Some of it does but it also fits other things to. I have had nerve problems before I had the last round of chemo actually for years. I have had 2 ulnar nerve and 2 carpal tunnel surgeries. Cortisone shots in my elbow for tendinitis and also I had a MRI in 2006 for my spine thought I had a sciatic nerve problem but they said no my spine and discs looked great. So they just left it at that and it was something that came and would go periodicaly. I brought this all up to him since he also did my nerve conduction tests on the other nerve issues. I can't have a MRI until I have finished with my reconstruction which hopefully will be in about 3months due to I just started radiation. I am unable to work do to this which frustrates me because I love my job. But it requires me to be on my feet. I also have trouble sitting or lying down. They have me on Lyrica right now the neurotin did nothing so I am hoping the lyrica will help. I live on pain meds and sleep meds etc. I really have no quality of life and am very limited to what I can do. I do light excercise and try to keep up with housework so I am not just lying around. I am a strong willed women so this just frustrates me and to think I am not getting the right diagnoise drives me crazy. And you know how Specialist are their busy so you better get all your questions in fast. Of course when I left I rembered a hundred questions but he was running behind by a hour and looked like he was not there to answer questions so oh well I will go for a 2nd opinion and see where that gets me.
Sorry this is so long I hope someone can answer or suggest some things it would be greatly appreciated.

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