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Cant breath, pressure behind ribs, heart palipitations

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  • Posted By: n0w0mann0cry
  • December 31, 2008
  • 05:43 PM

one day, about 3 months ago, i was watching a movie in a theatre. All of a sudden i felt like i couldnt get enough air. not neccesarily "trouble breathing" but this intense feeling like my lungs were not expanding all the way, like i cannot get a deep breathe. Then in the midst of not being able to breathe, my heart started feeling like it was POUNDING. it didnt speed up much, no more than 110-120 BPM, but it felt like it was pounding so hard that i could feel it through my entire body. i walked out of the theatre, and i got some water. After a couple minutes the most of the symptoms subsided and i felt realy worn out. Also i had this feeling like my upper left side, under my ribs, was Bloated. it felt like my ribs were being pushed out. I decided to go to the hospital, but i wasnt able to make it untill about 2-3hours later when most my symptoms were gone. The ER doctor told me, it was probably a panic attack, and he perscribed me valium.

Since then, the problem has gotten somewhat worse. Now i have trouble getting a "full breathe" 24/7, it just never feels like im getting enough air, and sometimes i feel like im suffocating, but i think its becuase i start FOCUSING on it. The bloating behind the ribs comes and goes throughout the day, and somtimes its better or worse. My heart only occasionaly starts pounding now, usualy 1-3 times a month, however it has gotten worse lately(after i had a endoscopy and colonoscopy, its been pounding almost every day for the past week). Also it gets worse when i lay down, in the last week it has been happening everytime i lay down. At first i could change position to get it to stop, but now it happens now matter how im laying. Standing up seems to help releive it, but it occasionaly happens when standing up too.

Anyways, i went to the heart doctor.. they did like 3 EKGs, an echocardiogram, and a stress test. They say everything looks okay, and that it might be some sort of tachycardia and they gave me a 30 day monitor. However usualy when i cant breathe, or have chest pain, or anything of that nature.. i check my pulse and its completly fine. And when my heart pounds it realy doesnt speed up to much 115bpm max.

so i went to the lung doctor, He gave me medicine for acid reflux but it does absolutly nothing, then they checked for asthma.. and i dont have it. Also i have tried taking my valium and it just makes it harder for me to breathe and it doesnt slow my heart down at all.

Then i went to the STOMACH doctor, i told him about the pressure behind my ribs, an erlier doctor suggested gasX and Fiber NEITHER worked. This doctor decided to do an Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. During the process of Flushing out my bowels, the bloating behind my ribs died down a little. The results of the endoscopy and colonoscopy showed nothing.

I have been the the ER about 10 times in last year or so. Early in the year i had a collpased lung. It wasnt too bad so they just let it resolve on its own. Then i went twice for pericarditis, i had it once, it went away, then i had it again. Both thr collapsed lung and pericarditus didnt cuse anything more than chest pain. All the other times i have gone to the ER were for problems relating to my current problem. The lung doctor hasnt taken an X-ray yet, probably becuase the last one i had was like 4 weeks ago. But im seeing him again on monday.

Here comes one of my biggest problems. EVERY DOCTOR I HAVE SEEN, constantly INSISTS that its just ANXIETY... over and over. I have OCD AND generaly anxiety. iv been anxious since i was 5, however after highschool it started to get alot better. im STILL somewhat anxious but nothing debilitating. OCCASIONALY i will get overly anxious or have a mild panic attack. However... i know when im anxious i know what i feels like, and i understand that the reason my hearts speeding up, and im breathing hard is BECUASE im anxious. HOWEVER, what really tics me off is a bunch of doctors Telling my im having panic attacks (even though my trouble breathing and pressure behind ribs is daily) when i am absolutly NOT. my symptoms usualy get worse when im doing something incredibly relaxing. Like watching a movie or laying down. They "Somtimes" get worse if i eat to much, or if i havnt eaten. and my heart usualy only pounds if im laying down or sitting back. the valium actualy makes my problems worse and the doctors still wont listen to me. Its like "anxiety" is any doctors answer when they cant find a problem.

anyways some quick facts i left out
im 18, 135lbs, 6'1 tall. I eat a ton of food, and lately my appetite is even bigger.
- i asked for a thyroid test at the ER but they never called me with the results.

i was having sharp pains in my abdominal region but they seem to have gone away, my bowel habits have gotten a little irregural but nothing big.

i do have mild tightness in my throat, just under my adams apple, and its causing a little bit of trouble swallowing.

I feel somewhat certain that the pressure, trouble breathing, and heart pouding are all related. Becuase all three symtpoms presented themselvs at the exact same time, and iv never experienced ANY of them before that day.

I really need help getting to the bottom of my problem, Even its something as simple as... my colon is inflamed... pushes on my diaphram causing trouble breathing, and pushes up toward my heart when i lay down.

Even if its not life threatening... Having your heart POUND out of your chest, and this feeling of suffocating all the time is REALLY started to make me feel like im going to drop dead any second.

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