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  • Posted By: feelinghelpless
  • October 5, 2008
  • 04:56 AM

I am trying to find help, not for myself but for the man that completes me.

He has had pain for 8 months now that the doctors have not been able to give answers to. He is on a waiting list to go to the Mayo Clinic but I don't think it will come soon enough and fear that there will be no answers.

I have watched him go from a healthy person to a mirror shell of the person he once was. It hurts so much, not being able to help him and its tearing me up inside. I hope and pray that this may help and that who ever read this has more knowledge than myself. I have searched endlessly, online and have found many things that seem like they might be what he has but are not.

After expensive testing (for he does not have health insurance), nothing came up on CT Scans or MRI's. Allergist tests came back with normal results and the one thing he was diagnosed with he dose not exhibit the normal symptoms for the disease. That disease is Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is an inflammatory condition in which the wall of the esophagus eosinophils. This was after he had been feeling a wrenching pain in his chest for about two months. He had two incurable diseases prior to the third one above.An Auto-Imune disorder Alopecia areata (AA) is a condition affecting humans, in which hair is lost from areas of the body, usually from the scalp. And Nasal Polyps, which are a result from chronic inflammation in the lining of your nose or sinuses, but just what triggers the inflammation isn't always clear. becomes filled with large numbers of.

Sigh. I feel at wits end and I know he feels pain that I cant help with.

The pain that is dabilitating him is as follows:

He feels wrenching pain/ and tightness in his chest.
Has difficulty falling asleep due to the pain
Has wrenching/shooting pain from the back of his throat to the top of his head that crescendos (like tooth ache/cavity pain)
It hurts to talk, swallow, spit

The pain, and no answers from doctors have led to him trying to cope with the use of alcohol. Which he consumes almost a liter of vodka a day now. I am worried that if he continues on this path he will die, not from the pain but from the effects of the alcohol.

He was once a healthy and active person, I just want that person back. I want him to be healthy again.

:confused: feelinghelpless

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