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Can someone help my mom PLEASE!

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  • Posted By: mindersmomof2
  • June 1, 2008
  • 04:35 AM

Hi, I have along story to tell, I hope someone can help! My mom is 53 years old. 10 years ago she was working cleaning hotel rooms, and she suddenly got extremely weak and dizzy. This went on for a few weeks, kept getting worse. Than she had vertigo were everything was spinning around her. She vomited and had to crawl everywhere. She also had ringing in the ears. This went on for weeks nonstop. She finally went to an intern Dr. and he set up a bunch of balance tests. They did it all and she was so sick during it. She could not close her eyes without falling. They said it is just vertigo, maybe minears disease. They set up physical therapy for her, she got better before she went. She went a couple times that's all they had scheduled. She had to quit her job. In the meantime she started to walk funny. She drug her right leg a little. She also tripped alot over nothing. She had tremors bad. We also noticed she cripples up her hands when she walks. My aunt said she walks like a mummy, very stiff and deformed. So the Doc set her up with a neurologist. He did brain MRI's and alot of blood tests. He said he thinks she has Parkinson's disease. He put her on anti-shaking med which is used in Parkinson's patients. This made the shakes stop. The MRI's came back good. He said no to Parkinson's. The blood work came back good too. So he sent her to a psychiatrist. They labeled her as mild depression. So she got it in her head that no one believes her, she is mental that's all that is wrong, we knew better. He put her on zoloft. She was a little depressed because she did not feel good!!! The next symptom (This was all within about 1 year) was extreme tiredness all of a sudden. She tells me she is laying on the couch and suddenly feels like she is dying, peacefully. She is so weak she can not hardly move! She goes to the grocery store and all of a sudden feels like she can not take another step. The next symptoms were memory trouble. She can not have good conversations anymore. Some days she is on top of things and is great in talking. But some days I have to talk really slow and repeat myself, I don't think she understands alot of what I am telling her. She says "Wait, what did you just say, all I heard was mumble?" She went to her neurologist a year later had another brain MRI, they found a pituitary tumor in her brain. That scared us, but the docs didn't seem to think it was important information. They said to come back in a few months and we will See if it has grown. She went back after a few months and it had not grown. She got sent to a endocrinologist and he said the tumor is just something to watch. She has had an enlarged thyroid for years too, which fluctuates between being in control by meds and sometimes not. Her numbers are off alot of the times so they re dose her medicine. They sent her to another physc. eval and they did a very good test on her memory and stuff. It came back saying she defiantly has something wrong but they don't know what it is. Signs of some sort of disease. She has dementia (like Alzheimer's disease) they wanted my mom to go to mayo clinic in Minn. She went there, what a joke! They sent her home that day saying they don't know what is wrong. They want her to go back to them to redo all tests that have been done on her so they have all results. Today, she hurts all over all the time. She has had back surgery. She had 4 bad disks on the top and still has 4 on the bottom. She had a complete hysterectomy due to bad heavy periods and blood clots. She hurts all over her body daily. She never feels good. She wakes up and has a puffy face and feels weird in the head. She has not had vertigo again since last time. She used to come over everyday, she comes over about once every 2-3 weeks. She has days were she sleeps all day. She takes sleeping pills at night otherwise she would be up for days. She walks deformed, crippled. Her arms are very red, some days worse than others, and her skin feels like red ants are all over her bitting her. She will not go to any new docs for me or my dad because she thinks she will never find what is wrong. She has been tested for lupus, Aids, autoimmune diseases, mono, Lyme's disease, Parkinson's, MS and many more. She has had EEGs, EKGs, MRIs, cat scans, lots of blood work, cortisone levels. Alot of her blood tests come back normal high. Some are off but not enough to diagnose. WE are helpless, don't know what to do. I really hope someone out there has similar symptoms. I wonder if it is chronic fatigue but that is a diagnosis when docs don't know what else it could be! My Dad told me now more doctors, lets enjoy mom while we have her and he started crying! Sorry this is long but please help my mom, someone! Oh, we live in SD not to many doctor options.

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