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Brain Tumor or Something else?

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  • Posted By: iamnoemogirl
  • March 23, 2010
  • 02:51 AM

Hi. I am a sixteen-year-old teenage girl that is having some symptoms that I don't understand and was wondering if I could get some extra help or advice.
In the past three months, some of my symptoms have increasingly worsened. I often phase out during class for short periods of time, usually missing everything my teacher says though I vaguely remember that they were talking. Sometimes I will phase back in just as the homework is being passed out and the last thing I remembered was the lesson starting, but I remember nothing more. These episodes have worsened to where they happen almost every other day. Following this, about a month I started having issues with rolling vision. It seems like I have my own personal zoom in my eyes and it is very disabling as I am in high school right now. In further explanation, the ground rolls under me constantly and objects attempt to zoom in, but fail making everything seem like it is constantly rolling around. It makes it difficult to read and to stand in one place for any amount to time. However, it only bothers me when I am standing still not when I am moving. Words will seem to move in assembly lines, one line rolling gradually to the right while the other moves towards the left.
In addition, I have had mild to severe nausea and headaches that seem to change intensity. My headaches range from a mild to severe throbbing all around to tiny pinpricks in the middle to the feeling of someone cutting open the back of my skull. I wake up with them most of the time and they usually do not go away.
I have been extremely exhausted lately, nearly unable to do simple tasks without tiring which is not normal for me even as stressed as I have been. I cannot stand for long periods of time nor can I walk up and down stairs without a rest.
Symptoms that may or may not be related to the others include small jerks or shivers from my muscles that occur often during the day. At first, I thought these were caused by the cold before realizing that I was not shivering or even cold when it happened. And an onset of a dry cough that came randomly and sticks around for no reason.
I do not smoke and I do not do drugs of any kind. I’m pretty much a perfectly, clean teenager minus the fact that I am subjected to second hand smoking thanks to my parents.
My symptoms do not always occur at the same intensity every day either. Some days can be so terrible that school is nearly impossible while other days are mild enough to cope with.
When I told my school nurse about my symptoms, she told me that it may be that I have not been wearing my reading glasses as I am supposed to do. She may or may not be correct, but I do not think that the extent of my symptoms is covered by something such as not wearing my glasses.
I am due for a CT scan later this week, but I’m not even sure what to do if they do not find anything on it. I can think of nothing else that this might be. Are there any others out there that are experiencing the same problems.

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