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Bone pain, fatigue, weight loss... could this be strep?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 31, 2009
  • 08:11 PM

I am a 31 white female in good health other than overweight (lifetime struggle).
I have been dealing with these symptoms since early October. My doc ran a lot of blood work 2 months ago and nothing was abnormal. SHe also ordered an ultrasound of spleen (which they did all abdominal organs -- only finding was gall stones) and of lymph nodes (had right axillary lymphnode removed for biopsy - negative). Out of ideas, she ran a strep titer which came up positive (normal 0-200, mine 390). I am taking the antibiotics, but am not improving... and my gut is telling me this isn't strep. My symptoms and tests are below... any suggestions are appreciated!

The main symptoms are moderate to sever fatigue and severe bone pain (most significant in spine, ribs, & hips) that is now causing break through pain despite 800mg of ibuprofin every 4 hours (doctor has warned cannot keep taking it much longer due to kidney risk) and darvocet at night. In addition I have lost almost 15% of my body weight unintentionally (given I am overweight, it's the only symptom I don't mind). I frequently get cold sweats during the day and occassional night sweats as well. I am bruising more easily and minor scratches and such take forever to heal and usually scar (was never like that). Lately I have started getting dizzy spells too.
My PCP has run a multitude of blood tests in oct 08:
CBC - normal with with RBC and platelets reading the lowest number to be in normal range
Sed Rate - normal
Periferal blood smear - normal
ANA - negative
RA - negative
Von Willenberg - negative
Epstein Barr - negative
Mono - negative
CMV - negative
CLL panel - normal
metabolic panel - normal
kidney and liver function - normal
There was also a urinalysis done - normal (no protein) also in October.

I had had an x-ray and follow-up mri scan in August because of a pain flair up from a shoulder injury. Shoulder was fine on x-ray, less arthritis and bursitis, but t-spine showed a compression fracture (which mri showed as only compression, NO fracture). Ironically, that part of my spine is not where my pain is. These symptoms started about a month or so later toward the end of october.

My doctor has not done any other x-rays, mris, bone scans, or anything else to actually look at the bones since that one back in August (or early sept) and none of the original blood work has been rerun since late october/early november.

The bone pain has increased since all this has started. I am just not sure how long to give the anitbiotics (12 day course, a week into it now) before I question if the strep had anything to do with this. SUGGESTIONS? Do I push for a scan of some sort? I am at a loss and feeling worse. THanks for reading.

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