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Blue lips, Light headed, oversleeping.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2008
  • 01:43 AM

Firstly all the background. I'm a relatively healthy Man, aged 23, 6'2", 160lbs. Family history of heart problems which are rather severe, the only two men (of 22 in the extended family) to live past 60 had a triple bypass aged 55 in one case and several heart attacks strokes beginning aged 58 in the other, hence I'm more than a little paranoid on this point.

I was always into my fitness and body building, however when I began at 17 I had to have a heart monitor for 24 hours to make sure I was fine (I was) as my resting heart rate was 98. I had no problems since yet about 18 months got out of the habit though still considered myself relatively fit with the odd blast of cardio on the cycle machine and weekly badminton. I Did lose several stone of weight but that was just from stopping the bulking diet and lifting.

Last summer I took a extremely sharp pain in my chest for about 10 minutes when driving to work, I had to bend over double and take the smallest sharpest breaths as any more was agony. Bit by bit I was able to sit up straighter and take deeper breaths, put it down to a one off and thought nothing of it yet in the months since I've had "twinges" of the same, though extremely minor, 10-15 seconds only just at the limit of a normal breath and maybe one or two a fortnight. Lately though I've noticed myself being rather light headed as well (Not quite faint though, like the feeling of standing up a bit fast), added to that my lips are a very obvious blue (I've always had purple-ish lips though, it;s just got worse) with deep shadows under my eyes.

Getting back into things I went for a hike last weekend with a few friends (who I would consider decidedly not in shape) I barely made it half way up before almost passing out and having the same bent over double pain. With folks there to see me this time they were for taking me to the ER, again the very blue lips, but I knew it would pass in a bit and it did. Afterward I had a very bad flemy cough for a few hours as well along the the metalic taste one gets when extremely worn out. (Typically I would have felt that was after 30 minutes of 30-30 High Intensity Cardio, not a 15 minute walk up a Hill) Added to all this I find myself sleeping between 10-14 hours every night, though when I do get up I feel fine, however If I'm forced back to a normal 6-8 I knackered.

My father works with doctors and both those he spoke with and my GP just put it down to me reading too much into everything due to the family history and I've stopped mentioning it so not to seem as if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. Should I be worried or am I just paranoid? Objectively I could be more out of shape that I thought and a couple of aches over 10 months isn't much to worry about? And after all I have always had blue-ish lips.

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