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Blue "freckles" on the fingerprint area of my fingers???

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  • Posted By: Hypochondriac
  • March 28, 2008
  • 01:32 AM

In early January, I've had a fever that lasted 2 days and then I've had a sudden flare of joint pain. It was like I had arthritis and my joints started griding, cracking and popping a lot. It was definitely inflammation but little to no swelling! I've been having virtually no exercise and haven't been eating healthy for 16 years (yes, I'm 16).

After reversing my diet and exercise routine, I'm virtually joint inflammation free!. However, now I'm concerned about having diabetes since I can eat a ton without stopping and have urinary problems since last year (I never knew what diabetes was before). I've just done glucose fasting and I'm waiting for the results.

I'm just concerned now about my cardiovascular system and my internal organs. I've been having mild pinching pains on and off for about a week or more now. I've had chest pains on both sides, and abdominal pains on both sides (mid right and left).

On my second fever, which occured a few weeks ago I had throat irritation but it got better within a week. However, it seems like 10+ lymph nodes or lumps have grown under my jaw and on the front side of my throat. I also have blue "freckles" (literally tiny light blue/cyan spots on the fingerprint area of my fingers and sometimes on the sides of that area. Although, I'd consider my extremities somewhat sensitive to cold, it doesn't seem like raynauds. My fingers and emotional health was perfectly normal during my first encounter. They don't necesssarily turn blue when my extremities are cold and stressed and so far it has only been on my fingers. I've also had rashes on the back of my hands followed by one white pus-filled blister (not calcinosis right?). My cuticles have been growing fast and unevenly (on some) and a couple hours after I swam and throughout the next day some parts of my arm skin cracked literally. My fingers have also been somewhat tight but I can still make a fist and stretch them out (except the little pinky on one hand that is bent compared to my other pinky but I can still stretch it with a little more force).

The blue freckles have appeared about 3-4 times randomly with no respect to the temperature or emotional stress. The rash and skin cracking appeared only once a few hours after I swam ( mabye because of chlorine?).

My finger joints still hurt midly once in a while but the pain throughtout all my joints have subsided substantially. I can sleep 12+ hours now but still feel somewhat fatigued.

The PIP joint of my middle finger is hyperextended but it is not a true swan neck since my DIP joint is not flexed. My other middle finger PIP is also starting to hyper extend. I've seen a rheumatologist but he said to come back after 3 months since it is too early to diagnose JRA. What is wrong with me, if anything at all. Should I go see the doctor for my blue fingers, abdominal pains, or the lumps on my neck? What do you guys recommend that I do? I'd say I'm a hypochondriac right now. :P

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