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Bladder issues...

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  • Posted By: Sebastian
  • November 6, 2006
  • 00:05 AM

Hey! Im new to the site, this is such a great site, Im gonna explain whats going on with me, hope you all can help me out...

Im 26 btw, and I've got a prob with I think the bladder, ok...

A long time ago like about 1.5 years, I drank a lot of cinnamon tea, and at night I couldnt urinate, I drank a lot of water, and that was it!, after 3 days, I got the same feeling, but I hadnt had any cinnamon, I drank water, but I had to go the bathroom every 5 mins, and wasnt really doing much, so I went to the Doc, he gave me some "bladuril" and the feeling was gone, gave me some other things for a possible infection and that was it, after a couple of days the feeling came back, not as strong but came back, it was annoying, like a burning sensation on my penis and bladder, but I was urinating normally...

I let it go, and I used to get a lil burning feeling, then it'd go away, that was it, but nothing was ever the same way again, so this year I decided to go to the doctor, and I went to 2 actually, the 1st one gave me some pills for (again) a possible infection and some for the pain in my testicles (I know it sounds funny!, actually that pain has been there for about 6 years, but its more bearable than the burning sensation in the bladder) so I took the medicine, but for what I had read on the internet, the symptoms should be gone in 3 days max, that didnt happen, so I waited for 3 weeks and the Doctor was always on vacation so I went to see another one, this one had me do like 6 exams and stuff, for urine, for semen, a really weird one to see inside my body and all the organs that somehow have to do with the urine, putting some stuff in my blood so that'd be seen on the test, and stuff... everything was alright, nothings blocking my urine, no stones in my bladder, my kidneys are fine, everything is fine, the test for urine is clear, but they found something in the semen, something called "staphyloccocus" something and some "not-to-worry urine retention", so the Doc said, oh this is an easy one, ok take this and this and you should be fine in 3 days max! so I asked, AM I GONNA BE FINE IN 3 DAYS, NO MORE BURNING STUFF??? and the Doc said, thats correct; so I bought all the medicine, and stuff, 2 weeks all fine, same burning sometimes but ok! then one day I had this feeling that something was living in my bladder (I already told this to the doc) and I called the doc and the doc said, oh take this new one and call me if you dont feel fine, so I bought the new one and felt fine, but the burning feeling is not completely gone, I finished the treatment to kill the infection in the semen, and still the same, im still taking the other ones to control the urine, which I dont think I need, THE BURNING IS TOTALLY BEARABLE BUT ITS ANNOYING, NOBODY LIKES TO HAVE SOMETHING BOTHERING ALL THE TIME, I DONT FEEL LIKE DYING WHEN I GET THE BURNING SENSATION BUT I JUST DONT LIKE IT, I've looked for the symptoms over the internet, and nothing seems to match my feelings, just 1 or 2, but according to the doc, the issue is with the semen, once killing the infection there, everything should be fine... so I dont know whats going on now!

it doesnt hurt to pee, doesnt hurt to eyaculate, nothing hurts, i feel burning (lil one) after I defecate, so some people have said its totally mental, I dont know what to think!

Thanks for reading this whole thing and I Hope you can help!! thx!

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