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Anyone Pulsating?-please Help Urgently!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 18, 2007
  • 05:17 PM

I live in Australia.
Can anyone please tell me if they have pulsating sensations or if they know what this is or what medication i can take to make this stop please.No doctors have been able to help and im considering suicide.
I have continual episodes of
tingling/pins and needles in my feet,sometime short jabs of pain in feet,tingling in my
hands,sometimes now pain travelling down my arms,small leg/foot muscle
twitches/trembling,sometimes finger twitches,occasional "travelling" pain,severe
headache-forehead area-non tension or pulsatile,waves of chills/shivers,hot face
sometimes,confusion,disorientation,blurriness,memory loss,ringing in my
ears,hypersensitivity to
noises,numbmess in feet,now sometimes sweating in palms and feet and sometimes all over
too,ringling in ears,pulsating in my stomach,feet,genitals,throat,temple and head and
now also pulsating in my fingertips and lowerback,,at the same time i get spontaneous
crying,or hysterical anger or rages,yelling at my dad for example,taking things the
wrong way-all without control.These episodes range in time from 2minutes to 2 hours
approximately and are continual-as soon as one stops another begins-all day and
night.Im living in ***l.
I think its somehow blood?flow? related because i always get the pulsating in the above
mentioned areas but at the same time i also get the irrational rages and/or crying
etc.Could it be too much/not enough blood flow to an emotional area of the brain?
I have tried many medications including s
wheat,psycologist,acupuncture,choropractor-this is the short list-there are more but i
cant remember because of my memory loss-and nothing has helped at all.
PET scan showed
hypometabolism of both temporal lobes,particularily in the middle temporal gyrus and
more pronounced on the left.(these symptoms were happening during the PET scan)
Does anyone have anything like this?-particularly the pulsating sensations or does anyone know what i can take to make this stop.

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