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Any ideas? Things are getting worse

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  • Posted By: Hivey2001
  • November 19, 2008
  • 09:14 AM

Hi all:

This forum is really informative and I have been reviewing many of the older posts about my "condition".

I am 34 years old, am 5'6 / 145 lbs, and breakout in hives primarily during my period. I have had some degree of hives everyday since the summer of 2001 and have been to an infectious disease doctor (from my extensive travel), endocrinologist, gyno, allergist/dermatologist etc. There are good days and bad days but with my period, it is terrible and the hives are on my face and neck.

The worst is that I suffer for about 2 weeks out of the month with severe PMS - fatigue, depression, anxiety, severe breast pain and now lower back pain... Today is a great day because my period finished about 3 days ago. I finally feel like my old self!!! Then the whole cycle starts again in about 10 days and it seems that one month is generally worse then the next month.

Currently, I am controlling my hive problem with anti-histamines and have to take medicine everyday. I take Allegra (half of 180mg during the winter months but during the summer I am at a full does since I am allergic to grass and pollen) and Atarax/Hyrodroxizine at night (25 mg).

Some background:

1. I do not eat red meat (if I am lacking in iron, how do I get tested for this). My blood pressure has always been extremely low.

2. My most recent period came after 20 days. The month before was 30 days which was very unusual. I also got my period when I was 9years old so I am so scared this is peri-menopause! Someone said this is an old wives tale.

3. I have been to the usual allergist, endocrinologist and one mentioned my thyroid levels were off but nothing was done about this. I had the test runs before and during my period. It was suggested that I used progesterone cream but I never did. Anyone have experience with this?

4. You can see my other post about diets, stress etc.

If I do have "Hypothryroidism", can someone please tell me what tests I should have done? I have had quite a few general tests run in the past but I think that the timing during the month is so key! I also live overseas now and what was done in the States is also different from here so I now have the language barrier to deal with.

Unfortunately, many doctors diagnose based on what they feel is the problem. For instance, I know that I am rundown from my period and hives episode last week and developed a small painful cyst/abscess on my neck for the 1st time in my life (added to everything else). This bump is probably a result of an ingrown hair since I get alot of hair around the time of my period and have to pluck, shave etc. I have no fever, chills etc but right away my doctor said it was a swollen lymph node without even touching/looking at it! I feel fine just have this bump now on my neck that hurts!

So, I am now putting hot compresses to it and will see if it eventually drains. If it gets worse within the next few weeks, I will have it biopsied because it makes you wonder if some doctor missed something along the way. I have lost all faith in doctors these past few years!

Any feedback regarding specific thyroid tests for hypothyroidism would be great! Also, how to treat PMS symptoms without being medicated on anti-depressants would be nice.


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