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  • March 12, 2008
  • 02:47 PM

Hi guys, looking for some thoughts.

Ok, so about a month and half ago I noticed what looked like a bruise on my butt cheeks. It was about the size of a quarter. I blew it off as a bruise, even though I couldn't think how it would have gotten there.

Than about a week later I noticed a red spot on my leg, smaller than a dime, kinda textured. Didn't itch. Looked kinda like how a hickey looks, sorta.

About a week later after a shower I noticed I know had about 20 or more. So I freaked out and went online. Of course that scared me more. I swore I had some horrible thing.

I went to the walkin clinic the next morning, they thought it was pitachi (sp) and drew some blood. While waiting for the blood results I went to a dermatologist.

Derma says they aren't sure and send me home with some cream. Said to come back in a month if not better. In between this I had also went to my DR office and they did a Biopsy, results came back and suggested it could be pityriasis rosea. So I fax results to for Biopsy and blood results, which were normal to my derma.

They called me and told me they don't think its the PR, that I should be itching and also have them on my back and they would me more scaly.

Well the spots are still coming and one now even looks like its dried and maybe peeling sorta. Hard to explain. So month went by and I went back to Derma yesterday, they still saying they don't know , but its not the rosea. So I did another Biospy.

Now, I took some time and have been reading a lot on the rosea, everything seems to fit with the exception of the location. Some are oval shape and tend to fade at times, but warm water makes them pop right up again. Only one that I have seen has gone away. I know about 40 of them on my butt, thighs, legs. Nowhere else. I know the Norm is to get them on the back, yet many people who have been diagnosed with them and are sharing stories are saying they had on face, in hair, arms and everywhere else they shouldn't be.

I am getting so upset that three doctors all can't come up with what this could be. Its summer time and I am ashamed with these. I can't even tell people what they are, I have no clue.

Only other things I have noticed is I have had cold like symptons since they shown up. I have had a runny noise and it started right around the same time. Derma says its allergies, but I never had issues with them before.

I have yet another apt soon with another Derma. I am just trying to figure this out.

Any thoughts?

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