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Anemia? Asthma?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 9, 2009
  • 01:37 PM

My problem has went on for about a year now. I started going to the doctor in early 2008 because I was having a variety of symptoms. I was having dizzy spells, headaches, trouble concentrating, fatigue, feelings of being out of breath, waking up short of breath and perhaps a few more that I forgot. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a little while but then I went three months without a period, and after 8 negative pregnancy tests I went to the doctor. Between my first visit with this doctor and my last, and finally began my period again, and it was very heavy and lasted 2 months. The doctor did a CBC and decided that I had "slight" anemia (and that I should have "no symptoms" from that) and that my liver levels were "up" but that since I was overweight, that was normal. I wrote him a complete list of my symptoms and he barely glanced at it, told me they were very general and all over the board. He then preceeded to tell me that I was "depressed" and sent me for an MRI and put me on iron pills. The MRI showed that I had a cholesteotoma (most likely congenital) on/near my right ear. He told me to stop taking the iron pills when my period went back to normal. He didn't explore the liver levels anymore. I also had elevated blood pressure which he chalked up to white coat nervousness and did nothing about that. I am a Psychology major in college. I know what depression is, and depression is not what I have. I was amazed at how fast a General Practitioner would "diagnose" depression, something so far out of his area of expertise. I continued to feel horrible yet the doctor bills piled up, so eventually I stopped going.

A few months later, I got bronchitis. I go to a different doctor, who then did another CBC. This second doctor also said something about the liver levels and wanted to keep a watch on them. Nothing else was done at that point but to treat the bronchitis (with antibiotics) and she gave me some meds for allergies, which she said showed up in my blood work. My blood pressure was elevated but she decided that is might be because I was sick and decided to keep an eye on it. Nothing was said about the anemia.

Last fall, I got a weird rash that covered probably 30-40% of my body (trunk, arms, legs). The doc gave me antiotics and prednasone. There was no known cause.

In late November, early December, I got bronchitis again. My blood pressure was still high (it has not been running extremely high, stays around 145/90). Bronchitis was treated again with antibiotics and prednazone was added. I was also given a Proventil inhaler. At my follow up appt, I was told to come back in one month, to give the Prednosone time to get out of my system, and they would check my blood pressure again.

One month later, I was put on Atenolol (25mg daily) for my blood pressure. I was also told that perhaps I had asthma. This doc decided that I needed to get another CBC (I am getting that on the 14 of this month). They now want to check my cholesterol and thyroid levels again (which were all fine before).

I went back to the doc yesterday. Again I have bronchitis. This is 3 times over the past few months. The doc looked over my records and decided to do a couple of Pulmonary Function tests. They said that one of their machines was running poorly so she needed to see the individual numbers to make a diagnosis. The second test they gave me, I had to blow in and blow around a 350, she said. I blew a 275 the first time and 300 the second two times. I have to go back today for the results. She did decide to go ahead and put me on a new inhaler, Singulair, and some more antibiotics.

My problem is...geez, are they ever going to conclusively decide what my problem(s) is? It just seems like they keep doing test after test. Some seem random and some seem like just repeats. What really upsets me is how they keep saying I may have a "touch of" or "minor" or "maybe a little" of something. I have felt horrible for a year and I don't like the constant attempts at placation when I am really wondering how some of these people got their medical licenses at this point. My dad died at 46 of a heart attack and both of my aunts have asthma. One has asthma so bad that she is on a breathing machine. Just like me, she never smoked. I am 32, and I am thinking at this point that I will be dead before they ever figure out what my problem is.

I think I have covered all the high points, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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