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Am I going crazy?

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  • Posted By: irislovingirl
  • May 31, 2008
  • 04:18 PM

My whole life I suffered from the weirdest conditions. I always had swollen tonsils and sinus infections. My nose is still always runny. I suffered heat strokes and abdomenal pain. For years everyone told me I was doing it for attention. I also had ulcers in my throat. As I have gotten older the stomach pain has increased and I have spent years trying to find an answer. In addition, my blood preasure continues to decline, ranging from 90-100/ 30-40. The drs say I have an atheletes heart. But I am always bed ridden from all the pain and discomfort I have. I know that I have severe endometriosis, fibrosis breast disease, acid reflux, and IC(bladder condition). I am 27 and have had 11 surgeries. I can no longer have children, though I have 2 beautiful girls. Both pregnancies I passed out, had bloody noses, and complications during delivery. I also know that I do not have a flap in my chest in my esphogus. I have a collar bone larger than the other. I have a tumor on my spinal nerves that they will not operate on or even biopsy because of fear of paralysis. I have one on my back by my spine, the side of my face, and I recently found one on the back of my leg. They only bother me if I have what I call episodes. During this time I feel like I have six knives stabbed into my stomach. My lower back hurts so bad that I cant let anything touch it. I think its my kidneys and that they want to blow out my back. I have severe headaches that cause me to become totally incapable of thinking and making it through the day. At first, they throbbed and then a severe preasure built up, next thing I know the preasure releases and I am stuck in a state of pain and confusion. These episodes last 2-6 weeks and I am unable to work. I can barely manage caring for my children who are convinced Im gonna die. I stopped recieving dr treatmeant over a year ago. I cant get insurance. I feel like Im gonna die before I ever figure out what is wrong. I have been told it could be an autoimmune disease. But which one would cover all these symptoms. With more tumors developing through out my body, I feel like a lumpy person. I also shake alot when my heart races. Sometimes its really severe. I also shake alot when I get my headaches and its hard for me to functions. I need help medically and finacally. I feel the like just giving up and letting it take over my life. But my friends and family says it already does. I dont understand why I cant get any help. I would love to know how to get the medical help I need without building more debt on my shoulders. The local human services offices turns me down and insurance companies wont cover my pre existing conditions. Its hard to believe that the US still does not have a way to help all those in needs. Though our country is full of rich people, there are so many like me who go untreated because of money issues. I am frustrated to the max and dont know what to do. Social Security disability is an option but I have no clue where to start and I have been told my bf makes too much money and I wouldnt recieve help from the gov. My life feels like a total mess.

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