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Abdominal pain under rib cage left side...Feels like A Charlie Horse

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  • Posted By: BarbaraBarbara
  • November 30, 2007
  • 02:28 PM

Hello, New to this forum and glad to meet you all.

I am a 38 year old Smoking Housewife with no medical insurance, about 180 pounds....have gained about 30 pounds since starting work on the computer 3 years ago, and dont get alot of physical exercise, so I am in an upright posistion alot of days and of course bending forward with not so great posture.

Other than generalized getting older and general aches and pains Im healthy.

I have had SEVERE bouts of pain on my left side, just beneath my rib cage in the stomach area, for about 7 years.

The pain isn't always present, it comes and goes but I never have it when im standing or laying down (only when Im sitting) , It can be brought on sometimes by coughing or even twisting/bending my body to the left ,right or foreward, doing sit ups, getting out of bed or for no apparent reason at all, but not every time, and I cant reproduce the pain for the doctor.

Severity of the pain...UNBELIEVABLE !!! On a scale of 1-10 it is always a 8-9 during the episode.
It almost feels like a charlie horse in my stomach, or severe labor pains but ALWAYS in the same spot ..I can put my finger on it every time..It's the same exact spot.
No chance that Im pregnant Ive had a tubal 15 years ago, and as mentioned this has been ongoing for about 7 years.
The muscles in my stomach area completely contract and I cant hardley breath in or out untill it passes.
It lasts about 30 seconds and then stops leaving a sore,bruised feeling for an hour or so in that area.

I can apply pressure with my hand to the spot and be very still or lay down as I feel the muscles begin to contract and that will usually delay or stop the full blown spasm for awhile or a day.
There's no bruising, I cant feel any lumps, it used to only happen about once a month ( sometimes It wouldnt happen for 3-6 months) but recently it has been more frequent happening 1-2 times per week.

It doesnt cause fever, and im not dibilitated except when im having the pain.
I am constipated and gassey quite often ( I think I should be going more than I do),I get indigestion often but hardley ever have diarhea.
These dont feel like gas pains, they are extremely more severe than that.
I dont loose my appetite,I dont take laxitives because I hate the stomach ache produced by them.

The only meds I take are Advil or aleve for pain ,claritin for allergies and Nyquil when I have a cold.

I also occasionally get a burning achey feeling in my back, towards the top between my shoulder blades, it's a radiating ache no more severe on one side than the other, but occasionally radiates up the right side of my neck ... usually brought on during colder weather or times when im stressed or smoking more than usuall , I thought it comes from my lungs and was a URI but my general physician always says my lungs sound fine, so maybe it is coming from muscles ?
I might add, taking Nyquil seems to help the pain between my shoulder blades.

I have brought these pains to the attention of my general physician for years and she looks at me as though she's puzzled so I stopped even bringing it up to her because she makes me feel stupid, I am not a hypochondriac .

7 Years ago she put me on anti-depressants after my 5 - 6 th complaint about these pains , I assumed she was thinking that I was too stressed and freaking myself out , I stopped taking them after the first 6 months or year because the pains didnt stop and I didnt feel depressed even in the begining .
I dont take pain pills so I turned those down when they were offered and told her I dont want a band-aid , I want to know whats wrong.

She says it could be alot of things (possibly more than one thing) and I should have an MRI done but I cant afford that.

Any ideas?

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