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Abdominal pain - possible liver disease ??

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  • Posted By: applebee
  • October 21, 2008
  • 06:51 AM

First of all sorry for reposting - (as my previous post hasn't appeared even after 40 mins)

Hi, i'm an 18yr old boy from india. For the last 2~4 months i've been having a sort of a uncomfortable/dull ache in the upper right quadrant. Im really scared cause when i was young - a doctor had said that i had enlarged liver ( though he said i had nothing to worry about it), and because my mother's father had been diagnosed with liver cancer before i was born. My mother has no such liver problems, and my dad had suffered from jaundice twice (probably following hepatis B vaccination). Apart from this - my father's side of the family has no history of liver diseases (most of them had serious cholestrol problems). i've visited a clinic recently - and the doctor said he could'nt feel my liver, so it is probably nothing to do with enlarged liver - though he said that my pain symptoms were indicating liver problem(he discharged me with some medication to stop acidity). Recently (about 2~3 weeks) i've noticed that my urine has a lot of persitent white foam most of the time.

some points that might help in diagnosis:
1) im an 18yr old boy. Wt. approx. 67 kg Height. approx. 173 cm. not obese.
2) i donot smoke / drink alcohol - though i kinda overdid on coffee last year.
3) i've had no major medical complications till date.
4) upper right quadrant discomforting dull ache - from time to time.
5) foamy white urine (proteinuria ?)
6) Had taken herbal pills (Liv.52) in the past for sometime.
7) not on any medication currently.
8) family doctor had suggested i had a slightly enlarged liver (abt 6~7 years ago).
9) had no noticeable liver problems - except that i once had white spots on my face, and hav had blackish gums since i was a child.
10) used to be a foodie. But for the last 2~3 years have reduced oil comsumption - as it usually caused acidity and slight throat stomach burning.
11) recently noticed 2~3 small red rash like thingies on my skin (one on my leg and 1~2 near my left armpit)- which seem to be persistent and area becomes red on scratching - though they donot itch.
12) dont seem to have any noticeable lack of appetite or nausea or yellowing of skin/eyes. (have gained 3kilos in the last 3months)
13) have sometimes noticed sharp short lasting pains after not eating for long durations - which usually go away on eating something.
14) had diarrohoea for 3~4 weeks nearly constantly, though its cured not. My faeces are not noticeably dark in color, (sometimes a tinge of brownish), i've noticed that my faeces are a bit broken/loose these days . i.e they sometimes break apart in the water.
15) have not noticed any urine problems (except the foam). and i drink a lot of water daily - about 6~8litres a day.
16) am not engaged in any sports for the last 6 months.
17) am usually very active and walk a lot.

Okay so that being my noticeable symptoms - im really scared of developing liver disease. are there any chances of the symptoms being caused by HCC or cirrhosis (really scared) ? i would be really grateful for any replies.

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