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abdominal pain in 9 year old. please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2008
  • 04:10 AM

My daughter just turned 9 years old and for 7 months she has had on going stomache pain. It is severe. She has missed a lot of school due to this illness. She gets a bad stomache ache or abdominal pain right around her belly button, then she has to have a bowel movement, during the bowel movement her pain is very intense, she cries. She does not have constipation at all and never has had. We have been to a general Dr. the dr. has tried three different things with her and now is finally referring her to a gi dr. She tried a med that coats the stomache and intestines in case of sores inside. this did not work at all. She tried the stool softners, seemed to help for about 2 weeks, then and now my daughter is on Miralax. This helped for about 1 month, then all of a sudden on her
Birthday weekend she had a flare up. This time her stool is a lot looser, she has to go poop about 2 a day. Each time she is in extreme pain. She does not go to the gi until June 4. I am so frustrated with these doctors. they were going to do a Ct scan or the scan where it lights up the inside but my doc and the specialist said that it would make my daughter constipated so they want her to stay on the miralax????????????? This makes no sense, should the not look and see if they can find something? To top it off where I am located there is only 1 pediatric GI in town. Why are they so concerned about her and constipation, this has never been an issue, but every time I take her to the doc, she asks the same dumb questions. Its like she is not hearing us. i feel like taking a video of my poor little daughter on the potty crying out in pain, and then showing the poop and yes see it is normal, no pebbles. These drs think they know everything. I need real help here. Her life is shattering before her. She loves life, people and she loves school and her friends. she has to miss out on sleepovers because she might get a bad stomache. It is truly awful. And to top it off I can't do a ***n thing to help her, just be there for her. She does not have a good appetite because she is in pain and can't eat. Then we both get afraid of what she does eat, because we want to try and avoid the pain. She has cut sugar out almost completely. She has been a very picky eater her whole life, so she is not the greatest eater. She takes a good supplement, it is a whole food supplement. She does eat fruit and veges, just not a lot of meats. She likes shrimp sauteed, beef jerkey, bacon, salamie, chicken nuggets(not from MC D's) she does not get these meats on a regular basis because I know they are not a good choice, only occasionaly does she get them. I am at a loss as to what is wrong with her. She is very active, but now in her sports this is running into it. The dr. is trying to tell me that right now she has a virus(Gastroneteritis) and to continue on the miralax. I know when my daughter is sick sick with a virus or cold or strep or whatever, this is not that. This is the same pain that she has had , just now she is having looser stools. She has not had to throw up, felt nauseated or had a fever, she has not been achy or weak, noting except for the pain. If anyone knows anything please repond. I know I rambled on but I really don't know what to do. They have not

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