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Abdominal Pain (broom handle poking in ULQ), Loose Stools, Etc

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  • Posted By: sonicbmx
  • January 5, 2007
  • 00:43 PM

My symptoms include all of the following in no particular order: diarrhea (soft stools), bloating, abdominal pains/cramps, loss of appetite, physical weakness (no energy and feeling tired), restless days & nights, constant stomach gurgling noises, nausea, feverish, and I have difficulty concentrating.

I’ve had diarrhea since April 06. The problem began after eating cafeteria food. I had the same meal 2 days in a row (turkey in sauce). The food was warm not hot. My body began reacting the day after the first meal. I became weak, had aches/pains, loose stools and the chills but I never vomited. It felt like early stages of the flu and that’s how I treated it.

I went to see my doctor after 10 days of diarrhea, stomach discomfort and feeling tired. He said I had IBS and it would clear up. Two weeks later I went back complaining about the same symptoms and I was prescribed Clidinium - it did nothing. Also tried Metamucil – nothing. I went about 4-7 days without a bowel movement during this time. My stools appeared to have traces of blood or mucus, and were dark green or tan colored at times. I turned to my holistic health professional after that.

I feel full when I wake-up and go to sleep. My stomach constantly aches - like a broom handle is poking me in the side (upper left at rib). I find myself protecting that area too (I cover the area with my elbow and apply pressure). I have no appetite after I finish 14 mile cycling workout. I have difficulty sleeping and sometimes I wake-up sweating. I feel dizzy when I stand up or while bending over (my equilibrium is off). I often feel like vomiting but have not. I feel awful most of the time.

I’m a professional cyclist and talented athlete. My entire life revolves around physical activity. I have been unable to perform under these conditions. I’ve always been a slow eater, now I’m super slow. I don’t look forward to eating because it takes forever. My holistic doctor tells me I have a sluggish liver and my body is digesting itself (based on a comprehensive urine test). Vitamin & mineral levels: very low (isocitrates), low (vanilmandelates, sulfates), and high (a-ketoisovalate, a-keto-b-methylvalerate, b-hydroxyisovalerate). I’ve been taking supplements for this since SEP but my condition has not improved.

I’ve seen 2 GI doctors and an Infectious Disease doctor. Had the following tests and they were normal (besides ulcers): blood, stools, upper GI series, ct scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy (3 small ulcers found), capsule endosocopy (2 small ulcers found). I’m taking Glutagenics and Zinlori, Prilosec and Zantac for the ulcers. One GI doctor is treating as if I have Crohn’s disease and put me on Pentasa for 30 days (no changes after 2.5 weeks). My body is telling me something is definitely wrong regardless of what these test say.

What to do now.. Any suggestions?

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