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abdominal/digestive problems -- can anyone help?

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  • Posted By: guidobambino
  • October 19, 2008
  • 04:13 PM

hey whatsup everyone :D. I am a 19 year old male with abdominal problems that I first started experiencing about 8 months ago after having done some squat exercises. I suffer from what seems to be a constant loss of appetite, although I do sense hunger and thus am able to eat a good amount, despite my abdominals feeling tight or swollen.

I also seem to have difficulty with bowel movements. They seem to build up and get stuck in my lower abdomen, below the belly button. Often times I get the sensation to have a bowel movement, but I have to strain to get just a bit out, and this can occur frequently throughout the day. The stool isnt hard, but rather it sometimes requires straining to get some out, as it doesnt seem to be in the right spot when I get the urge to have a bowel movement. This infrequency may occur for a couple days, and then in the day to follow I might go more frequently and clear up all the backup. But this isn't really loose or wet like diahrrea, its just more frequent. Usually when this occurs, the stools seems to have like a sticky coating on it, but nevertheless it isnt watery. Also, sometimes the color is like a greenish grayish or a brighter yellowish...I think this has to do with my bile. Now these symptoms aren't always present, but often they are.

One interesting thing I noticed is that when I exercise, particularly running or resistance training, when I stop to rest I can feel and see my pulse prominently in my abdomen. That is to say that I can see and feel my fast heartrate throbbing in my upper abdomen, to the point where I feel that more than my heart. I figure this is the aorta that runs down my midsection, but I've been exercising almost all my life and I know for sure this isn't regular...And sometimes I get pains in my upper right and lower left quadrants of my abdomen when I exercise. I know these aren't cramps from eating before exercising because they dont feel like gas cramps -- they feel like sharp pains...

I've had an endoscopy that showed bile in the stomach and gastritis, so I took reglan to help retrain the stomach muscles to push food down. While this may have achieved that, I still have pretty much the same symptoms despite taking the medicine. I do not vomit or have blood in the stool, I eat pretty healthy and get plenty of exercise. I dont drink or smoke and I think i live a fairly unstressed life. Personally, I think the cause of physiological, not something like IBS, especially because no matter what I eat i get problems, not just "bad" foods.. Does anyone maybe have any suggestions on what this might be? Thanks a lot! :D

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