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A Way to Stop This Pain.. please!

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  • Posted By: Sparrow42
  • July 17, 2008
  • 08:05 PM

So on Saturday night my wife and I had some pretty rough sex and everything was going well until climax. I don't know exactly what happened but I felt an immense sharp pain (no audible sound) and I had to stop. Then the pain subsided so we decided to go at it again (a big mistake, in hindsight). We didn't go for very long before the pain was back and double what it was previous. Definitely stopped then and went to go check it out. An observation revealed that there were many small cuts/missing skin in varying places (non-bleeding) and that the entire area was super red. Most of the cuts are painless, though, and are healing just fine now. There's one that's right across the opening that leads to the urethra that's causing me agony every time I go to the bathroom, and one that's right on the underside that also causes a bit of pain.

Tuesday night I noticed it sort of scabbed over but of course humans can't hold in their urine forever so the scab quickly disappeared when I relieved myself (boy, that one really hurt).

Really I know that it'll heal, I don't have any problems with holding off on pleasuring myself or abstaining from sex until it does. It's just the sharp incredible pain of urine passing the cut that's annoying. And it seems to be escalating. The pain seems much worse this morning than it did a few nights ago.

To add some more info: it's not an STD (we're both clean) and I highly doubt it's a UTI. Everything seems to be on the outside, nothing internally. The other cuts are along the shaft and base, with only the cut across the opening and on the under side causing any kind of pain. The opening spot gets pretty red and inflamed after relieving myself, but otherwise is a normal color.

Starting the day after the incident I had begun drinking a ton of water, figuring that it would help (as I know urine can be acidic if you don't drink enough water). However, it didn't really make much of a difference. It still burns/hurts like crazy and I have to go way more frequently than I would have if I didn't drink so much water (thus even more pain, hoozah).

I don't suppose there's any way to help stop the pain while I wait for this cut to heal, is there? Tylenol doesn't seem to help at all. And maybe give me an estimate of how long it's going to take to completely heal? Or at least heal enough so that it's not killing me every time I go.

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