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  • Posted By: RDuBb2k1
  • April 2, 2008
  • 04:33 AM

First, hello to everyone. I came across this site in a google search and decided it was worth a shot to seek advice here. I have been having medical issues since a bit before Christmas, and visited the hospital for the first time for it the day after Christmas. Let me drop a list of symptoms, and then I'll go into what diagnosis (multiple) I've had so far. Symptoms (previous to the list below, I'd been having very bad acid reflux for months, then this all came about, but since it has, I've had no reflux at all): - Full-Body violent shaking (like being very cold, uncontrollable until they end, usually 10 minutes max, infrequent) - Cold hands (sometimes blue-ish up to about the middle of my nails) - NO fever, in fact my temperature has been "low" but that is seemingly normal for me. Yet when I get it tested by the hospital, its normal. - Headaches (not really painful ones, just semi numbing top/side of the head type deals) - Stomach Cramps (these were among the first symptoms I ever got, along with the chills ... they started out about 2" below my belly button, very sharp pains as if being stabbed, but later on have went to more of just overall cramping) - Extreme exhaustion (as of late this hasn't been AS bad, but it is still there) - Unable to sleep (falling asleep isn't so bad, but staying asleep more than 30min-1hr is rough, but falling back asleep for said amount of time happens easily) - Fuzzy Head (I only had this a few times, but it was like being in a fog, a little numbness in the head, made thinking cloudy) - Chest "shocks" (a very rare, but annoying, pain in the heart area ... these have started more recently, which I attribute to lack of sleep to rest, and overall stress in the situation) - Constipation (this was very bad for a while, seems to have worked itself out for now, will explain later) - Tingly/Numb feet / foot cramps (these only occurred for about a week, worked them out by riding the exercise bike, probably from inactivity for so long due to this) - Twitches (not like nervous twitches, kind of like a muscle spasm but it only lasts for 1 twitch, then it ends ... not common, and very random) Anyway, these are the major symptoms, anything else just being something that occurred maybe once and I attribute to high levels of stress from being unable to get a diagnosis. Moving on, I have been to the hospital twice, and my family doctor once, and here is what I've been told. First trip to the hospital: Nothing wrong, no apendicitis, no stones, nothing. Blood fine, cell count normal, no fever. Took blood, urine, did X-Ray, ultrasound, catscan. Doctor Trip: "Anxiety" Last Trip to Hospital: Blood work showed same as first trip, but showed me being dehydrated, which was strange, as I've been drinking water like a fish. Doctor wanted me to get another bag of IV down and repeat test, after which it was normal (hadn't really drank nor ate that day, so this did make sense). Doctors final "diagnosis" is that I had "Anxiety" (tired of hearing this). Anyway, some things that I thought it COULD be - Candida Overgrowth - Parasites (I suspect this, as I was never one to use the bathroom often, and when I say that, I mean sometimes it was once a week, maybe longer. Bad I know, but I do what I can to go once a day now) I did a "spit test" to test for Candida, which showed up (or so they say) positive. I went on a Candida diet for about 2 weeks (supposed to be a 3-5 month diet), and eventhough I ate almost nothing other than vegetables, I became constipated again (was taking a product called Threelac for the Candida) and had to stop after waking up one morning so weak and lightheaded I couldn't walk. Following this, over the past 2 (today making 3) days I've been taking a product called Paranil which is a herbal product for parasites, and I've been having no issues using the bathroom at all once, if not 2 or more times a day. Overall I've felt better after taking these (its a 30 day regimen) other than after I ate something with sugar in it, then my stomach kicked up on me pretty hard, but I did some reading and read that parasites like sugar (that is, IF I have them). So I'm here, hopefully to find some help. I wanted to get an intestinal parasite test done, but my local healthcare place tells me I need "written permission" from my family doctor to get a stool test done, which is beyond belief! With this range of symptoms, yet having no fever or elevated white blood cell count it has the doctors stumped. I've been tested for H-Pylori as well, which came up negative. My life has been a living nightmare since this all started, and has caused me to drop my college classes for the semester, hoping to get better and back on track. If ANYONE has any ideas, please don't hesitate. Talking as someone who was a fitness fanatic previous to this, it is driving me crazy being down. Thank you everyone, I hope to get a response soon!

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