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4 yrs-fatigue/mood swings-related to allergies???

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  • Posted By: ame2o4
  • July 2, 2007
  • 07:25 AM

Here is my story, I would appreciate any tips of where to start my diagnosis research.

Going on five years ago, I quit smoking & drinking and pretty much had a whole lifestyle change (for the better). But seemingly after this I began to develop different "cycles" of symptoms that much later was diagnosed as either depression or PMDD.
I would only have about one normal week a month. One week I would be extremely irritable/ easily angry followed by a week of extreme mood swings and uncontrollable emotions next resulting in severe fatigue. I was able to function but not very well, at work I was coming in late due to barely being able to wake up, not being able to stop crying once something triggered me or over-reacting and becoming super angry over something that I normally wouldn't!
I didn't really want to take anything so I waited for about a year ... until it was so affecting my life that I had to do something... so I was put on Paxil then Zoloft which I currently am still taking...
These have made my symtoms less severe and I am now able to control them better but they are definitely still there....

Two things to add. For about 8 months I was not on the anti-depressants and began smoking again... oddly, the symptoms lessoned considerably! Every time I attempted to quit, I would become a mess again AFTER about two weeks of quitting (so it wasn't nicotene withdrawl). Finally I went back on Zoloft and was able to quit smoking again. (about a year ago)

I've had blood tests and my hormone levels checked as well as thyroid tests (a couple of times) as well as STD tests. Everything is normal.

Also, the other symptoms are really itchy, watery eyes accompanied by a stuffy nose... This usually goes hand in hand with the fatigue....

Can this just all be really bad allergies? I have an appt for that test but I can't imagine allergies causing the emotional ups & downs.
I am always really irritable & fatigued AFTER my menstral cycle....

Here are the main symptoms I experience regularly:

*Fatigue *Irritability * Mood swings * Being paranoid & negative in my thinking (not a normal thing :( ) * Extreme hunger * Weight gain * Short term memory loss * lack of ability to concentrate & absorb information * really low blood sugar sometimes (have a diabetic friend who pricked my finger and my blood sugar was 47 even after eating at one point) * itchy watery eyes * lack of motivation * All symptoms flaring up on a repeated cycle at different times.

THIS is a heck of a lot of information & I would be surprised if anyone were still reading this BUT I really wanted to give the full picture, just in case anyone can really shed some light on any of it... I'm aware there may be multiple things going on and they may not be all related... but somehow they all seem to be related to me!

Depression seems to be the popular diagnosis... I don't want to be on antidepressants anymore it's going on 5 yrs and they are not really helping. I want to feel like my normal self again :(

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.


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