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20 yo male experiencing fatigue for several years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 30, 2007
  • 00:40 AM

hello, this is kind of a long post and it's not very straight forward unfortunately, but read my observations below at least and see if you can think of anything. when i first went to see a gp i did a terrible job at explaining my symptoms and he was nearly pulling his hair out since the more i talked the more confusing things got (poor guy heh), but if you wanna give any kind of input at all go ahead (i'm not expecting anything but i figure it can't hurt to make a thread). you can put forward some condition that you think these symptoms might resemble, but keep in mind i've already been to a gp, a cardiologist + a lung specialist, and the heart itself is healthy, as are my lungs, so whatever is wrong is not easy to identify it would seem, unless i did a horrible job explaining my symptoms to them.

i'm a 20 yo male, kinda skinny, good diet, don't smoke or drink, and no family history of any notable diseases. i've been experiencing fatigue for several years that has gotten progressively worse. it is so bad that there is no way i could have a regular job, both because of physical tiredness and my inability to concentrate on things (i used to think i had ADD but that's not the case). infact all i do is sit on a computer chair all day (not out of choice mind u). i started getting shortness of breath during exercise last year (along with fatigue obviously which i've had for a while), so i figured it was time to get checked out. as i said i've been to a gp + cardiologist already, and i was
prescribed pills that contain a beta-blocker a few months ago to reduce blood pressure - the leaflet said it was to treat moderate to severe heart failure, but it was the second smallest mg tablet avalible from this brand. the pills pretty much just lessened the severity of the symptoms, but i still had a lot of trouble concentrating on things at times (especially during the times when i used to do fairly intense exercise) and fatigue was still quite strong at times, especially when i tried exercising in the first few weeks.

i forgot to take my pill one day, a few weeks in, and i had been doing boxing and stuff the days before and i experienced horrible fatigue later that evening (at one point it was like i've been 3 days without sleep and my body just cannot function), bad muscle weakness (when i attempted weight training), a feeling of anxiety and a fast resting heart rate. however, once i took the pill it improved things a lot, but i still was not near the point where i feel good... and from then on i stopped all intense exercise completely... all i do is walking for maybe 5 minutes at a time several times a day (too much walking has the same effect as intense exercise in that it will make my heart rate go up and i'll start sweating, getting fatigued, maybe shortness of breath - depending on whether i was doing intense exercise the days before or not).

now some observations i've made:
1) the fatigue is getting progressively worse
2) the only thing abnormal from a physical examination is that my blood pressure is a lil high, but not that high, and i got a high resting heart rate - usually 75 bpm when i get outta bed, then 85-90 bpm for the rest of the day... or even 100 bpm when i'm feeling really bad (it was 130 bpm when i was at the doctor becuz i had to walk for a bit, and i guess i was a lil nervous, but not that nervous, so it's more than just nerves) - also, during exercise my heart rate simply beats way faster then it should for the
intensity of the exercise, and it takes a very long time to calm down after exercise, this may just sound like poor physical fitness, but it's more then just that. and remember all i do is sit on a chair all day, and there is no stress or anything that could trigger it to beat faster.
3) during times when i felt good my resting heart rate was around 55-60 bpm - and i have not felt good for several months now. there was 4 days back in march when i felt great - i was getting less but better quality sleep, i woke up and jumped outta bed, i felt great, confident, energetic, very alert, etc, but then i did intense exercise and messed things up... i think the way exercise makes me feel bad is noteworthy (it's taken me years to realize this, and i'm not a quitter i don't give up easily, but this is the reality, it's only in the last year that i'm being honest with myself)
4) intense exercise makes me feel horrible in the following days... it leads to things like shortness of breath, a feeling of anxiety, bad muscle weakness (i cannot do one push up sometimes - over the years on days when i felt good i could do around 30 without killing myself)
5) i have incredibly low self-esteem, which shows in certain situations, and when i was talking to the cardiologists i suspect i did not really emphasize just how bad the fatigue is and how much it affects my quality of life and i did say i was under stress (i may have came across as someone who was seeking comfort), but the stress is mainly derived from this condition, so therefore stress is not a cause. i'll have to point this out at my next appointment
6) i'm fatigued all the time, it even affects my quality of sleep, i never wake up feeling truly refreshed, except during those days when i felt good (which are very rare and i have not had any good days for a few months now)
7) this may not be as important but sometimes my pulse feels pretty weak, especially when it's beating fast, and i apply the same pressure on my wrist to check it each time.

more about the fatigue:
it first started when i was 16 - i had trouble concentrating in school and stuff, and it got especially bad when i started doing weight training (i only realize this now). it has gotten much worse now, and how badly i'm fatigued throughout the day varies... usually it's not so bad in the morning... it tends to reach it's peak around midday to the evening where i have sometimes have a great deal of difficulty concentrating on things and i feel so drained physically. it's just a horrible feeling, and i usually just end up listening to muic or whatever since i cannot do anything else... it causes a lot of discomfort and it is really distracting... it tends to die down a bit near the end of the day (like right now - there is no way i could have typed this out in one go during midday) and i can usually concentrate on things more, but still nowhere near the point where i feel good. i also have to avoid exercising for a even a moderate amount of time, and i have to avoid doing anything physically demanding since my body cannot seem to tolerate it and as i stated above i get muscle weakness, shortness of breath and the fatigue worsens.

i'm positive that i am not depressed or have any kind of anxiety condition. i just feel down sometimes and or experience anxiety due to this condition creating stress and having to deal with difficult people who do not listen and there being no escape from a variety of things which cause me grief. i'm not a weak person, i'm a competitive one - i just gotta peservere through these difficult times and look forward to the days when i get healthier and can do more things. it was a relief finally seeing a doctor last year a doctor as they can at at least reduce symptoms, but it would of course be nice to identify the condition(s) i have and maybe even get a cured. i don't know much about
chronic fatigue syndrome but my fatigue is so bad, and there are other symptoms aswell like the heart rate and increased blood pressure that i figure i either have CFS + other things wrong, or that it's just simply not CFS and it is something else.if u managed to read all that... or at least the observations i made, feel free to make a suggestion

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