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19 year old with mystery illness...

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  • Posted By: MetalMX
  • September 21, 2008
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Im a male im 19 years of age at 190cm tall or 6"3. First it started as just a shortness of breath that would come and g:(o then chest pains. I went to the emergency room in a period of two weeks i think 7 or 8 nights... where symptoms were shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness, freezing cold hands.

Right now i have periods of feeling good then suddenly feeling violently ill and unwell. Any kind of exertion such as weight training that ive done for the past 1 and a half years after the session leaves me feeling short of breath, my pulse becomes rapid, i feel dizzy like im going to faint and my hands become like ice.

My current symptoms are (When i get these "attacks" as i like to call them, then they go away later, this doesnt refer to all symptoms):

*Shortness of breath
* Feeling of congestion or blockage in the throat (gargaling listerine seems to help)
* Periods of suddenly experiencing extreme fatigue... then back to normal with energy later.
* Freezing cold hands
* Turning sometimes pale or sometimes really pale with a yellowish tint (The yellowish tint is on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin as my sister has told me when i have these attacks)
* Joints feel sharp in the knees and pelvic bone... when sitting on hard surfaces i can feel my **m bones and i cannot sit on any hard surfaces, and when leaning on the side laying down like on the beach i can feel my pelvic bone and its impossible to lie sideways. Also had trouble walking much for a couple of days due to pain and discomfort in the knee and pelvic joints
* Muscle Loss and weakness, loss of strength.
* Periods of weight loss then weight gain... regardless of diet. For example weight was 104kgs then 2 days later 99kgs then next day 104kgs then next day 107kgs... currently about 100kgs
* Its hard to eat difficult to digest foods and foods that need to be chewed long like meat, vegetables with lots of fibre etc... my stomach doesnt feel good and i get discomfort, its easier to eat yogurts, milks etc... and i feel better when i don't eat much.
* developed dark bags under the eyes which are pretty prominent
* appetite loss then it comes back alternating
* One day my pulse suddenly rose to 150 and stayed their for 20 minutes then returned to normal
* Also pulse at the moment is weak around 45.
* Swelling of the legs and waist sometimes, pants would become tight then loose

I have been hospitalised for 5 days and they found nothing. I have seen:

* Chest specialist... CT scan found residual thymic tissue in the lungs but within normal limits for a person my age. Pancreas, liver and the spleen are normal. Discrepency in the size of the kindeys, left kidney 9.5cm, right kidney 13.5cm. Their are two renal arteries to the left kidney but both seem to be normal and dont contain a stenosis. Lung function tests we're normal.

* Doing a bone mineral density scan (DEXA) and full endocrine blood work tomorrow before seeing the endocrinologist in the afternoon to see what treatment is needed.

* Endoscopy showed mild gastritis, colonoscopy was inconclusive.

* Rheumatiod factor was tested and i dont have rheumatiod arthritis.

* I have been diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis (autoimmune disease) form of hypothyroidism in Janurary.

* In june this year a doctor i saw found low levels of zinc, iron, calcium, testosterone and a high level of estrogen and cortisol also a positive test for candida albicans in the blood nine times higher then normal 183 IgG. My tongue is also white in the back

I have endocrine problems low testosterone, high estrogen and cortisol levels which i am addressing at the moment but these problems i dont think fully explain the symptoms ive been experiencing recently.

My IgE levels we're 2000 2 years ago with very high allergies to dust mites and common grasses though then i had no symptoms whatsoever at present when tested a week ago IgE was 3810.

All i can do at the moment is sit at home and occassionally go out for a walk or to the shops thats it, most kinds of exertion leave me feeling quite unwell
Any information would be useful to get a diagnosis, it has been ***l everyday since this started happening and if i don't find an answer soon i dont know what i'll do.


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