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15 year old, with major problems, and no answers! :(

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  • Posted By: amandac
  • September 11, 2008
  • 01:13 AM

Ok, so i am seriosly fed up right now, because i have had so much stuff happen to me over the past year or so, and now i don't know what else to do!It all started a few months ago, when i woke up one morning, feeling a bit strange. My head was filled with weird questions and thoughts floating around, when all of the sudden, my life went into fast forward. Everything thing around me seemed to be moving at super speed, and i can never tell how to stop it. This happens at exactly 7 am almost every month, and stops at precisely 7:15. It is the weirdest thing i had ever experienced, but it doesn't stop there, because for the next few months, it continues. But it wasn't until 3-4 months ago when they became so intense, it literally hurt to even think or talk. I found ways to help the pain disappear, and sometimes just going downstairs to eat and watch tv helped, or listening to music, but by then, it was fading away from the time length already. I told my doctor about this, and she just told me that it may be a cause of low blood sugar, and to drink orange juice whenever it happens, but it usually doesn't help. But, for the first month after my visit to the doctor, i never had a "headache" (as i call it now) and i think it may be because of me excessively drinkign OJ a lot.

Now, it was..April, when i had a dance at my school, and of course, your grind, and dance to Soulja Boy and w.e comes on, but i had an extreme pain in my leg, for the next few days, and it didn't go away. I was now able to crack my knee by forcing it to the side, and after a few weeks of doing that (sometimes i didn't even mean to crack it) my knee was in excruitating pain! So, i consistantely put ice on it, and took some medication to help the pain go away. But now, my knee cracks ever time i bend it goign up the stairs, or bed it in general.

I also have nosebleeds quite a lot, but it usually stops over the hot summer days. But these nosebleeds last for about 2-5 minutes, but end up in 4 kleenexes being used, with a quite large blood clot inside.It was also in late July, or Early August, when i got up from my living room seat watching tv with my brother, to get something fromt he kitchen. That was when black and white spots filled my vision (thinking i stood up too fast) and so i gripped onto the counter and closed my eyes hoping it would go away, only to realize that i was now on the kitchen floor shaking and holding in the pain.

Finally, it seems as if my vision sometimes has weird problems at times. I find that sometimes my eyes are clouded in spots by white "fogs" i guess you could say, and it takes some time before they go away. But what is alarming, is that my science teacher says that sometimes, white blood cells can increase when fighting a virus or diesease or something, and show up by clouding your eyesight.

It was then that i realized something must be wrong with me, but i dont know what. So, if you have anything like this, or know someone, or heard of any of these symptoms being diagnosised, please tell me!I am only 15, and i don't want to expect the worst from this, but anything would help at this time, instead of living in curiosity for the rest of my life.

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