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10 years and still no answers

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  • Posted By: cyndib1959
  • May 1, 2007
  • 04:56 AM

For 10 years I have been suffering from joint pain, severe fatigue, bladder pain, rashes, dry mouth, dry eyes, unexplained lymph node swelling, ulcers in my mouth, cracked lips and corners of mouth, headachs, and severe depression. My life was great until I joined the Army. In my last few weeks of basic training I took a fall off and obstical and landed ******n my right leg and fell back into a wall. The next day I hurt and had to take my last physical fittness test. If you are not familiar with the Army PT test it consists of push ups, sit ups, and running two miles. there are standards for every age group as to how many you have to do in a two minute time period. The run is two miles in a specific time period by your age. The fall effected my ability in all of those areas. I barely passed and was in extreme pain after ward to the point that I was limping significantly. I was sent to the troop medical center to get checked out. There were no x-rays done, barely a physical exam and I was put on crutches for two weeks with ibuprofen for pain. I was better after two weeks and graduated and sent to advanced individual training, there I was put through the most intense physical torture I have ever endured by drill sergants. I ended up in the ER and on crutches again this time with more pain than ever before plus I could not put pressure on my left foot for the pain shot from my butt to my foot(siatica). I went to the medical clinic there and it was decided that I had tilted my pelvis and Sacro iliac joint off alignment. To make a long story short I have never been the same since. The pain is worse and to top it off they still don't know what is wrong. I have been given diagnosis of fibromyalgia, sjogrens, raynauds, osteoarthritis of every joint, and misdiagnosed with ankylosing spondylosis, I am sure the diagnosis of raynauds, osteoarthritis and sjogrens are correct as tests were positive, but can they cause the following. I suffer from short term memory loss, lack of concentration, I mix up my words in sentences, I can no longer spell very well (ankylosing spondylosis really got me, I used to know how to spell it, had to look it up) I forget what I say just after I say it. I have to make lists of what to do or I forget, I rely on sticky notes, I feel like I am losing my mind, and am sometimes to my shame and embarrassment, suicidal. I live 60 miles from any hospital or city so a day in town can cause me to be so fatigued that I sleep for 24 hours even days at a time, unable to function other than to stagger to the bath room. I have scared my husband so many times by passing out exhausted. I have had episodes of my lymph nodes in my groin, armpits, and neck swelling a long with my tongue cracking, ulcers in my mouth, migraine headaches with vomiting, sensitivity to light and fatigue. When I went to the doctor and he saw me he thought maybe mono and tested me for Epstein barr virus, it was negitive so were all the other tests he ran. He was at loss for what was wrong so gave me antibiotics and pain meds and sent me home. Eventually my symptoms got better (3 times this has happened with all tests normal). Still they are not sure what it could be, they just give me pain meds and leave it at that. I have been told maybe it could be Lupus, that is what I am going to approach my doctor with on my next visit. If any one has any ideas or the same symptoms with a diagnosis of something please contact me, if I could finally put a name to it I would rest more easy knowing it could be treated maybe. Fibromyalgia, yes I have the symptoms but I have more and some times severe to the point of being bedridden, stress seems to help set it off. I wonder also if the stress and injury I suffered in the army could have triggered all of this, because the pain and symptoms started there. My first severe flare up happened after I came home from training. I never had problems before then.:confused::(

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