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10 Weeks Persistent Symptoms (wth?)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 2, 2008
  • 06:19 AM

About 10 weeks ago, I had protected sex with a college-aged girl of unknown status, who admitted she had just come out of a long-term relationship. The condom, however, did break and we stopped penetrative intercourse at that time.

About 10 days later, I began to have intermittent diarrhea and after an additional 4-5 days, muscle aches and twinges, swollen jaw lymph nodes, and at around 22 days, an interspersed pimple-like rash on the upper chest and back of about 20 pimples. I also had one canker sore, which lasted for 3-4 days and went away. I used to have canker sores frequently as a child, my mother told me because of stress and anxiety. There may also have been a rash along the hairline and on the scalp, but that has been difficult for me to discern. Low-grade fever is likely to have occurred for a day or two.

From about 20 days until now, at 10 weeks, I have had red, blotchy palms and soles that have do not itch nor are they raised with bumps nor appear to peel. The splotchy-ness blanches with pressure and will mostly disappear if I put my hands over my head or in horizontal resting position (ie sleeping or lying on the couch). Temperature does not seem to affect the spots, as they occur in cold and warm temperatures. The redness feels like it is coming from pressure and there may be some slight swelling. The whole of my body, especially my torso, also appears to be slightly red and blanches similarly. The low-grade fever has come and gone 3 other times for 1-2 days.

At 25 days, I was tested for Mono, HIV, Hep B,C, Syphilis, HPV, and Malaria (I had been in Turkey about 2 months prior). All tests returned negative. Doctor suggested unrelated Vitamin B12 deficiency that I'm still waiting for tests back on.

Through these 10 weeks, I continue to have muscle aches, coming-and-going lymph swelling, and the chest/back pimples that I am beginning to suspect as stress-related. The palm and sole redness and blotchiness has been the focus of my online research and interest. The doctor said it was Raynaud's Phenomena, but as I mentioned, the temperature does not affect it seemingly, and I do not show any other indications classic to Raynaud's like loss of color in one or more joints, severe irritation to the point of purple or blue, or anything like that.

Like many, I'm sure, I don't trust my doctor all that much. I will be re-testing for HIV and Syphilis at 12 weeks.

Other considerations include alcohol induced hepatitis, though I don't drink as much as I used to. My alcohol consumption on average is between 3-4 drinks through the week, with commonly 9-12 drinks on Fri. or Sun. I have not had nearly that much to drink since being concerned about these symptoms.

I am an avid outdoors man, spending time in the upper and lower Rocky Mountains for the time preceding these symptoms. I also drink frequently from streams, which initially led me to believe I may have had giardia, but once the diarrhea cleared after only about a week, I reconsidered.

Again, just to stress the point, my primary concern is focused on the longevity of these symptoms and also with the palm and sole redness (palmar erythema?), which is uncharacteristic of anything I could find online.

Please help??#@@#@4???

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