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Undiagnosed Tachycardia. cardiologist, neurologist, but no help.

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  • Posted By: Zenica
  • May 25, 2012
  • 05:30 AM


I am on my last legs for a series of medical problems and no one seems to know what is wrong.
I am 22 years old, female, and a month ago I experienced a TIA, and was hospitalized. MRI was clear.

TIA began with sudden onset of left neck pain, with left facial numbness that progressed down the left side of my body, and uncontrolable
vomiting. It was reflexive, and did not respond to medication by mouth or shot injection. There was
suspicion that I had a dissection, but MRI/MRA was normal. Tachycardia was present, but not believed to be an important symptom.

They did a thyroid function test along with other blood tests. Thyroid T4 free was 13.3pmol/l and TSH was 13. When I was released I went to my gp who repeated tsh and t4 which came out at 3.8. I was told that I was euthyroid and to repeat in 3 months. Went to my neurologist two weeks later who repeated it and got the same result.

After seeing the neurologist, I developed severe right sided kidney pain and persistant weakness, nausea and vomiting. She sent me to a second GP for further help. 2nd GP did ultrasound, urinalysis, X-ray of chest and pelvis. 2nd gp repeated thyroid again and it was tsh 4.8.Everything else was normal

Gp did ECG and found very high heart rate, 121bpm resting and low blood pressure that increased upon standing. Sent to cardiologist. Repeated ECG, 127bpm on resting, bp was difficult to find, but ECG found sinus tachycardia with minor right bundle branch block. No unduprognation of the qt. cardiologist believed i had svt, so ordered event monitor for 2 weeks and an echocardiogram. 7 events monitored, none explained symptoms. Repeated blood pressure, showed low-normal sitting, and dramatic increase in bp on standing. Cardiologist believed the monitor was not working and dismissed this. He now does not believe there is anything wrong.

Before I had the monitor on, I passed out and fell down a flight of steps. There was no warning, or racing like previous svt symptoms. I woke up, no idea how long I was down, but I woke on the floor with severe bruises on my leg and arm. When I saw the cardiologist again, I told him this, but he dismissed it.

I am fatigued, not sleeping, experiencing a heart beat of 127-137bpm all the time. I have minor chest pain on activity and I can't do anything without it getting worse or feeling lightheaded.

Please help me if you can.

Thank you,


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