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3 years and still no "good" diagnosis... PLEASE HELP

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  • Posted By: NurseSassy
  • July 14, 2009
  • 03:42 AM

Where do I even begin!! I am a 23 y.o female, 4'11 105 pounds and do not smoke or drink. For the past few years I have been a mystery to all of the doctors I have seen. It all started with dizziness, mostly when standing. I have had a few syncopal episodes but far more presyncopal episodes (daily) my resting heart rate is usually between 110-120, and goes up considerably with any type of movement. I become short of breath, and have severe palpitations. I get an overwhelming feeling of my "heartbeat" very often, and have a "vibration" over my right carotid artery that becomes more intense when my symptoms become worse. I consider it a bruit; my old cardiologist did an ultrasound and said that it was just thicker than usual. I often have a deep discomfort in my chest, almost like heaviness. The only structural problem with my heart that has been diagnosed is mitral valve prolapse, which should not be the cause of all of my problems. I had an implantable loop recorder placed a little over a year ago and all its shown is severe sinus tach. I was once a competitive cheerleader, but now I can no longer exercise (it’s been about 2 years) I am easily fatigued, which makes my job as a nurse very difficult. My hands and feet are often ice cold and achy, although my capillary refill is pretty normal. Exercise stress test with pulse up to 205 before they stopped me and also showed shortened PR intervals, which is also seen on EKG. I have had every test in the book done, the last being an EP study, which failed to induce any abnormal rhythms, needless to say that was very upsetting to me. I’ve tried betexalol, and flourinef, both of which only made me feel worse. The doctor put me on midodrine 5mg TID after the EP study and i have not had any improvements. He has basically diagnosed me with inappropriate sinus tachycardia, or POTS (they seem to be pretty interchangeable) although I feel like it may be something more than that due to the fact that NOTHING has worked to correct my symptoms. I do believe I have orthostatic hypotension, my blood pressure sitting was 120/80 pulse 110, when I stood BP 80/60 and pulse 140 I feel like I may have left out some valuable information, so If you need to know anything else to help put this puzzle together please let me know. I am desperately seeking answers and any response will be greatly appreciated!!

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