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Tenderness and pain on top left side of head, what is it?

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  • Posted By: touchet
  • October 13, 2009
  • 04:07 AM

Okay, bear with me this will be long, but please give your opinion. I will be as detailed as possible about my symptoms even if I feel they are unrelated. I will take it on a time line and will say what i believe is not related.

Things i don't consider related but are chronic:

My general health has declined since I had my appendectomy. I rotate between constipation and frequent bowel movements, sometimes even episodes of diarreah.

I will experience pain in my lower left abdomen--during constipation. Rubbing on the specific spot will usually relieve the pain and it is always followed by excessive bowel movements for a day (three or four times). I have noticed that the spot is the same stop where they made the incision on the left side. I can actually feel an indentation where the incision was made. I had the lyposcopic surgery.

In addition to this pain, ever since the surgery, I have had changes to my semen. It is now clear. I have been diagnosed with epididymitis and gone on antibiotics for an extended amount of time, that seems to clear up the semen problem, but will come right back after about a month. I gave up on that, my semen will now alternate between clear running liquid to thick translucent yellow--almost hard. It has never been really white after the surgery. I used to have pain in my left tesiticle. That seldom occurs now or is very minor.

I have an intra ossesous ganglion in my hand in that bone below my left thumb. That pain doesn't occur anymore and was like almost 6 years ago. Sometimes it will inflame if I lift weights.

I have tenditous in my left elbow, that hasn't been really that bad lately (weird i know). I used to have severe episodes of numbness in my hand all the way up to the elbow and tingling that would run all the way up to my head. Usually messaging the nerve in my elbow joint would bring it back to life and make the symptoms go away. I believe its from leaning my eblow while on the computer playing games.

All of these symptoms I have never been to the doctor for really except for the pain in my testicle. They did an ultrasound and found nothing. I gave up after the the third round of antibiotics. I have never been one to see a doctor on a regular basis, cause everytime I go I feel stupid.

Now to my current problem:

It all started with a pimple in my ear canal. After that healed, I started to have pain about 4 inches directly above the top of my left earlobe. The pain is specifically located in that one spot but will become generalized during periodic episodes where my ear and throat (only around the ear) will ache. During really bad episodes I actually experience dimished hearing in my left ear. It always hurts to run my fingers through my hair. The pain is ONLY on the left side. The right is totally fine. In addition it seems to follow a relatively good pattern vs time. I wake up with it, but shortly after moving around it will dissapate. Then around noon it will become worse and subside, the around sunset, it will be the worst and subside. Then when i lie down at night to go to be it will hurt again, but not as bad as in the evening. Like i said, it will always hurt if I touch it or run my fingers through my hair.

If I had to decribe the pain it would be a sore feeling. Almost like I had hit my head and bruised it. During the painful episode (it hurts even without touching) the pain spreads from the specific spot above to the hairline--the soreness being a line about two inches wide, the ear aches, and sometime (not always) I will get diminished hearing and even popping in my ear. My throat will also hurt directly behind the ear along with the teeth in that area.

I have been to the doctor about it. First i went to my general practioner. He examined my ear with a scope and found no evidence of infection. He prescribed Piroxicam. After another 5 days, I called back. With my schedule, its hard to find time to see him during regular business hours, so I went to the emergency room. They gave me a CAT scan and didn't find anything wrong other than an inflamed sinus cavity. They prescribed Amoxicillan 800 mg-125 or so. I took that for 10 days twice a day. They also gave me tremadol (or something like that). That lasted about 5 days. They also told me to see a neurologist if the pain didn't go way. Both doctors seemed to think it was migraine related apparently, rather than sinus infection--that i can understand since i haven't had any drainage, BUT I have had very dry sinuses since. I remember before the symptoms occured having to blow my nose while taking a shower and getting lots of mucus out of it. Nothing comes out of my nose now. It has been bone dry. No sinus drainage at all.

So now, I stopped taking the pain medication about 4 days ago. The pain is still there. Any idea? My next doctor visit will the neurologist, but I wanted to get some more opinions before going.

I have never had head pain before like this. I have no prior history of headaches either. I am totally baffled and sick and tired (now i feel fatigued).

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