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Second Opinion?

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  • Posted By: springtimemum
  • August 27, 2009
  • 00:58 PM


I was in a car accident over a year ago and had a whiplash injury to the neck. Prior to this point I had no history of migraines, headaches or facial pain. Two weeks after the accident I started getting some facial pain. To begin with it was on / off and would last a couple of days in some form and then disappear for a while... only to come back and repeat. Over the past year the pain has increased in frequency, duration and intensity.

Recently I had the pain for 14 days straight and could only function when taking high-strength pain killers. Two weeks later it came back again and have now had it for 6 days running - it is no longer responding to over the counter medication and I have been prescribed codeine which isn't getting rid of the pain but is moderating it.

The pain is focussed primarily in my temple, although sometimes the pain on the side of my nose or just in front of my ear (and another point behind and above my ear) will be more prominent for a while. The pain sometimes radiates down to my jaw or up above my eyes - but only when the pain in my temple / ear / nose is severe. The pain is always on the same side of my face. Without medication I am unable to function. The pain is of a pressure-like nature - sometimes it will suddenly get worse in my temple for a minute before going back to 'normal'. The pain is not throbbing / pulsating / shooting or anything like that - just constantly there.

Recently I went to the doctor and he said it was probably migraine and prescribed beta-blockers telling me to come back in a month if they don't help. I have looked up migraines and I just don't seem to fit the symptoms - I have no other symptoms of migraine - no auras or visual disturbances, nausea or vomitting, nasal stuffiness etc. I am not sensitive to normal light levels but am to very bright light - like when the sun is streaming through the window - at that point the pain will worsen until my eyes have adjusted and then I am no longer sensitive to the light.

I have had no tests done.

I have been to opticians - they have said my eyes are healthy and I don't need glasses.

I am not convinced of the doctors migraine diagnosis and am concerned that he hasn't done any tests considering that my condition has been getting worse over past year... am wondering if I should get a second opinion from another doctor but don't want to waste their time... has anyone else experienced migraines that are only on the face and have no other symptoms?

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

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